11-Year Old Turned His Love For Dogs In NFTs

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  • Dogs Unleashed is an NFT collection created by eleven-year-old artist William from Thailand. The project started as an educational endeavor.
  • There are 1,000 dog NFTs but not all of them are available on OpenSea yet. He uses profits from NFT sales to support dog rescue shelters.

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has a lot of advantages like anonymity. Many successful projects were made by anonymous groups or artists that choose to not be known by the public, only their pseudonyms. Today, we are going to look at an 11-year old boy whose hobby is creating NFTs and supporting charities from his profits. His project is called Dogs Unleashed.

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Dogs Unleashed

Dogs Unleashed is an NFT collection created by eleven-year-old artist William from Koh Samui, Thailand. The project started as an educational endeavor and now he enjoys creating NFTs. William created all the base layers for the Dogs and the unique traits using pixel art. It is the first instance of a pixel art Dog, created EKO Tourism Finance Utility Token and did Web Development on several websites. All the necessary work led him to this moment to create NFTs and that’s not the end.

source: dogsunleashednft

There are 1,000 dogs generated and some of them (148) are available on OpenSea with a trading volume of more than 0.86 ETH. Others dogs will be minted in 2022 and uploaded on OpenSea as well.

“I am a huge animal lover. Growing up, my dad and I rescued countless animals – dogs, cats, birds, parrots, squirrels, even a bat. When I look into the eyes of an animal I’ve rescued, I can’t help but fall in love.” — William Luppi

William loves dogs and he decided to provide for charities in the process of creating NFTs. A donation of 1% of every NTF sale goes to a Dog Rescue Shelter in Thailand. All transactions will be seen on his website. What’s a better way to be a part of the NFT world, create art, and support charities at the same time? If you want to support dog rescue shelters, you can buy an NFT dog with WETH or a credit card.

Animal shelters are very important because they care for abandoned or neglected animals. They also provide temporary homes for animals on the street. Animal shelters are invaluable to communities around the world. Each year, millions of animals are euthanized at local shelters because of overpopulation. Almost half of the animals brought into these shelters are euthanized because suitable homes can’t be found for them. „Animal rescue as a cause is close to my heart and can lead to the safety of millions of these lost souls,“ said William.

Website: http://dogsunleashednft.com

Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/dogunleashed


it’s always nice to see some talents in the NFT world and William certainly belongs there. He’s only 11 years old and he already created an NFT collection, a website and is helping a good cause. It will be nice to see people support this project and the future endeavors of this astute young boy.

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