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The year is 2142 AD. The planet Earth has turned into a polluted and dystopian world controlled by corporations and brand sects, in the real world and the Metaverse. The myth about a decentralized digital world is a long-gone history, and the only purpose of virtual reality is to enslave humans with dopamine-driven addictions and the illusion of virtual freedom. 

Two years earlier, the last Bitcoin (BTC) was mined which pushes the global economy off the limits, while deepening the gap between the rich and the poor even further. In 2142, out of nowhere, after more than a century, the long forgotten secret came out of the legend, and gave hope to many: Satoshi’s long-dormant wallet’s been awakened and used to buy-off corporations and dismantle control stationed in high castes of the society. Even though no one knows who’s pulling the strings behind the mysterious wallet, the myth has turned into reality. The weak and poor start to rebel against the tyranny of the rich, and enslaved masses start to awake from the opium-like slumber of the Metaverse illusions. And nothing will ever be the same again. 

The physical world, the virtual reality, and the astral realm are all disrupted as ancient entheogen spirits awaken, demons and gods battle it out, and rebellious artificial intelligence (AI) fights AI to liberate conscious entities in the Metaverse.

That is the scene-setter for a nonfungible token-powered (NFT) comic book project “2142”, spearheaded by an experienced team of storytellers, artists, and video game developers from Serbia. “2142” is founded by creative director and narrative designer Dusan Zica and crypto pioneers and serial entrepreneurs Mladjen Merdovic and Rade Joksimovic, featuring Dragan Jovanovic as a comic book artist and art director. 

Unlike a swathe of other copycat collections in the NFT space, they have founded the transmedia entertainment company with the idea of using Ethereum (ETH) based NFT technology to empower the community to join them in creating a one-of-a-kind post-cyberpunk universe where comparative mythology meets entheogen legends, the Satoshi myth and an anti-utopian vision of the future. 

2142 is an online digital comic book created in the vein of albums with collectible stickers. Simply by visiting and connecting their Metamask wallet, NFT aficionados will get a welcome bundle of free NFTs, just for the price of a gas fee. In order to assemble the whole comic book issue and get unique rewards, they will mint bundles (0.002 ETH) of 21 randomly distributed NFT covers, pages, and comic book panels. For easier assembling and more budget-friendly collecting, the company has provided an internal marketplace where collectors can sell duplicates of their NFT elements (pages and panels) and buy the missing ones at even more affordable prices. 

When a complete comic book issue is assembled, the collectors will get a free-airdrop reward NFT character, location or item, appearing in the current comic book issue. This will grant them a unique utility – a revenue share in all future transmedia (tabletop RPG, upcoming video game, and animated series) featuring those actual items, locations, and characters. 

For complete decentralization of worldbuilding and backstories, the collectors can merge the mentioned characters, locations, and items to create the demand for unique comic book spin-offs crafted specifically for them. Each of these comic book issues will be a unique NFT, distributed only to the collectors who used those NFT items to craft it. 

Also, after buying their first NFT bundle, the collectors will get a DAO token and an opportunity to participate in voting to influence the world-building, concept art, story-branching, and progression of what will happen to the characters, whose NFT value is determined by a decentralized storyline driven by the decisions of active DAO members. 

The first comic book issue “As Above, So Below” is already available for minting on, as is the marketplace for buying and selling duplicates. Our tabletop RPG core rule set in the mold of Cyberpunk 2020, Kult, and World of Darkness is currently in production, as is our cross-platform RPG video game which will be officially announced in Q3 2022. 

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