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5 Best NFT Tokens in 2021 part I.

Quick Summary

  • There are cryptocurrencies that are basically a part of the game like it is with Axie Infinity or there are cryptos that work on an NFT marketplace like Rarible. Which is a good choice to buy and which is overvalued?
  • AXS, TZS, RARI, YGG and Alice are the top NFT cryptocurrencies of 2021. The only question left is whether their profits will sustain in 2022.

Non-fungible tokens are making headlines often and it is almost impossible to ignore them. Getting your hands on them early on may result in giant gains. In this article, you’ll see NFT tokens with the biggest potential for success in the long term. These tokens are AXS, TZS, RARI, YGG and ALICE. 

1. Axie Infinity (AXS) 

Axie Infinity is not only an NFT token but a blockchain-based trading game that has been created in 2018 but only rose to fame this year when AXS grew by thousands of percent. Axie Infinity is now a popular Pokémon and Tamagotchi-inspired game with millions of users all around the world. The price of this token increased by more than 5,000 percent and it is getting close to $100 from just $0.17 one year ago. If AXS hits $100, it would create a 100,000% return! Many traders and investors have to ask themselves whether this is the end of the uptrend because these returns are significantly above average.

2. Tezos (TZS) 

Tezos is a blockchain network that is based on smart contracts similar to Ethereum. However, Tezos is different because it has a more advanced infrastructure – this means it will evolve over time without the danger of a hard fork like it is with BTC and ETH. That is why many NFTs are getting created also on Tezos network (not just on Ethereum). With the rise of NFTs, you can expect cryptocurrencies to rise, and especially those with connections to the NFT sphere. Tezos has currently a market cap of around $5.5 billion. With a long-term adoption of this network and a platform, it could go much higher. 

3. Rarible (RARI)

Rarible is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces in the world. Compared to other marketplaces, Rarible has its own native token RARI. Users who own tokens and actively use the protocol are empowered on the platform by rewards. Users on this platform can create, buy and sell NFTs (digital artworks, game items, etc.) It was founded in early 2020 and grew to popularity very fast. With the continuing rise of the NFTs, this token could rise much more in the future. Currently, it has a market cap of $72 million but has the potential to reach billions in token value! However, the volume has to rise as well because currently, it is low compared to the market cap.

4. Yield Guild Games (YGG)

Yield Guild Games is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in a virtual world of non-fungible tokens. The organization’s objective is to develop the world’s largest virtual economy, optimize its assets to maximize utility, and share revenues with its stakeholders. YGG is one of the newest tokens in the market with the first available data in July 2021 with price bottoming at $1 and currently at $6.5. It has a market cap of approximately $444 million but has a bigger volume than Rarible’s market cap! YGG is thus one of the most interesting NFT tokens in 2021. Can it get on the level of Axie? 

5. My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) 

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends. It is inspired by successful games such as Animal Crossing, which combines two main things: a fun narrative for regular players who want to enjoy both the gameplay experience and an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFTs. This game has a utility token ALICE which initially fell from $30 to almost $3 in just two months. This is a sign of huge volatility and could lead to bigger moves in the near future. The price recovered and grew to the current price of $12.23. It has a market cap of $281 million but also has one of the biggest trading volumes compared to the market cap. If the user base on this platform grows like it happened on Axie, the price of ALICE will grow by several hundreds of percent.


There are many other NFT tokens for sure, but they did not make the top for obvious reasons. The world of NFTs is still brand new and there is a lot of discovering ahead, but these are currently the best NFT tokens in 2021. Which NFT token do you think is going to make the list in 2022? 

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Rene Remsik

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.