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Quick Summary:

  • A multi-chain ecosystem designed to create, onboard, and elevate immersive experiences for anyone in Web 3 and outside of Web 3.
  • Moonland is an open world social multiplayer metaverse.

Moonland: What is it?

As of a year ago, Moonland was conceived. It has been under development for a bit less than a year ago, a growing team of designers, 3D artists, artists, developers, entrepreneurs and marketers who have excelled in their fields and have now come together to make this project both epic and expansive.

Moonland is a social multiplayer metaverse with an open world. Immerse yourself in an unlimited world of possibilities and create your desired identity. Be a part of the most fun and disruptive metaverse by playing, earning, owning, connecting, attending social events and shopping your favorite brands.

A multichain ecosystem that creates, onboards, and elevates immersive experiences for anyone in Web 3 and outside of it.

In order to enhance Qtum NFT ecosystem integration, Moonland has been awarded $250,000,000.

The Moonland Experience

The Moonland design and development team has already created its first batch of NFT’s. NFTs will be used to continue financing Moonland’s development. In order to build the perfect games and environments for the community, these NFTs will provide the chance of gaining early access to demos and test demos for the community.

In Moonland, interaction with NFTs begins with the creation of your own avatar. After you build your character you will be able to mint it as an NFT or even hold it to trade it on the Galactic Market. Moonland is not limited to our own experiences, look out for portals that will transport you to other metaverses and game experiences from partner projects.

Nft’s can also be randomly found in Moonland. The Moonland team wants users to be able to create new experiences within Moonland while taking advantage of blockchain technology. By launching their own galleries inside Moonland, they will be able to unleash and share their creative endeavors. In-game items are also NFT’s – weapons, clothes, armor, pets…

You can win NFTs through battles, mini-games, shopping, social events, or even random exploration. The NFTs you earn in Moonland will give you utilities inside and outside Moonland! Dear future holders, watch out for their community events!


In my opinion, this is definitely an interesting project to look out for! They have a very good development team behind them. Definitely something to look forward to!

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