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Age of Dino, the upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy game, is turning heads with its innovative fusion of Web3.0 elements and traditional gaming dynamics. Boasting support from industry giants like FunPlus, Xterio, and Imagendary Studios, the game promises a unique experience for both seasoned players and newcomers venturing into the blockchain-based gaming realm.

Age of Dino game review in 2024

Age of Dino gameplay breakdown 

Venturing into the realm of Dinos for the first time, Age of Dino unfolds its narrative in an enthralling metaverse that seamlessly blends Simulation Game (SLG) and Role-Playing Game (RPG) elements. From everyday tasks like feeding dinosaurs and resource collection to epic battles against AI-controlled adversaries and mutant dinosaurs, the game offers a multifaceted gaming experience. The incorporation of the 4X strategy adds depth, providing players with a world teeming with wonder and peril.

In Age of Dino, players navigate a strategic landscape centered around their headquarters, where resource management and time investment are crucial for building upgrades. The game encourages players to explore various development avenues, from training soldiers and recruiting heroes to delving into technological advancements through upgraded research labs. Customization plays a vital role as players craft commander equipment and badges to enhance their strength in the evolving metaverse.

Dinosaurs, essential elements of the game, significantly boost troops in battles and resource acquisition. Upgrading these prehistoric companions adds depth to the gameplay. Resources, crucial for building, training, and research, are obtainable through diverse means, from in-city construction to wild gathering and mission rewards. Exploration expeditions through unknown wilderness trails offer unique challenges, with successful completions yielding rewards and enhancing troop performance.

Extra layers – a mini game mode and comic story

The combat system in Age of Dino is diverse, allowing players to showcase their strength individually or within alliances. Mixing and matching heroes and dinosaurs introduce unique attribute gains, enriching the overall fighting experience. The game adds an extra layer of excitement with the “Dinosaur Egg Hatcher” minigame, providing players with the chance to obtain various dinosaurs. As the game evolves, promises of additional minigames through special activities hint at a continually engaging experience in this thrilling Jurassic adventure within the metaverse.

Age of Dino stands out with its commitment to longevity in the gaming industry, adopting a GameFi 2.0 approach for a sustainable in-game economy, robust gameplay, and a strong social component. The emphasis on community and collaboration is evident through real-time chatting, strategy discussions, and player-versus-player (PvP) battles, fostering a vibrant and inclusive player community.

The minds behind Age of Dino, including the backing of Xterio Games, Imagendary Studios, and FunPlus, add credibility to the project. Co-founded by Shawn Li, a gamer and dinosaur enthusiast, Age of Dino benefits from the expertise of experienced individuals in the gaming industry.

Captivating comic stories released on the official Twitter page further add to the immersive experience, enticing players with an engaging narrative that unfolds in chapters, building anticipation for the game’s launch.

Age of Dino comic book story

Source: Age of Dino whitepaper

Age of Dino tokenomics overview

Age of Dino introduces a dual-token economy powered by $AOD and $DAM, creating a dynamic framework for the ecosystem. The $AOD token serves as the governance backbone, with a limited supply, in-game utility, and governance rights. On the other hand, the $DAM token is a versatile utility token with an unlimited supply, focusing on flexibility and consumption mechanisms within various AOD ecosystem

The upcoming Dinosty NFT Collection brings a blend of limited rarity and cutting-edge features, with a total supply of 5,010 and unique benefits for collectors, including dual-token airdrops and in-game privileges. The collection’s connection to the AOD ecosystem enhances its utility and significance.

Age of Dino strategically employs tactics like fair Dutch auctions and token airdrops, leveraging the momentum from the Overworld phenomenon. The project’s popularity in Eastern regions highlights a strong and dedicated fanbase, showcasing the increasing impact of Asia in the adoption of Web3 technologies.

While the quality of Play-to-Earn features is commendable, potential challenges in aesthetics on social media platforms, particularly Twitter, are noted. Despite this, the project’s alignment with the Overworld hype and established fanbase in the East contribute to its overall appeal.

Final word

Age of Dino emerges as a promising project in the gaming space, offering innovation, immersive gameplay, and a captivating storyline. With support from notable companies and an experienced team, the game has the potential to carve a niche in the metaverse. As the supply and mint date are yet to be announced, early enthusiasts have the opportunity to embark on this thrilling adventure and explore the Jurassic world of Age of Dino.

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