AJ Vaynerchuk Launches His Own NFT Project Called Local Weather

Quick Summary

  • Local Weather is a new NFT project launched by AJ Vaynerchuk, consisting of 18,888 NFTs that offer real-world utilities, PFP possibility, and member-only perks to NFT holders.

Local Weather NFT plans to drop a limited number of NFTs in the upcoming mint that allows the holders to build together the community and the project’s ecosystem that goes on a long run. This collection of 18,888 NFTs prepares its community to experience what was never done before.

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Local Weather NFTs

There are different NFTs collectibles like Crypto Punks, Utility NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club, and membership NFTs like Proof Collective. These NFTs target the community that matches the interest to grow faster and drive the value out of imageries. However, the Local Weather collection targets almost all of the categories mentioned above. In addition, these NFTs are utility-based, can be used as a PFP, and offer member-only perks to those who hold these NFTs. So, let’s explore and forecast the weather of the local weather collection.

Interestingly, the Local Weather collection is a lot more than an NFT collection but an ecosystem that cares for your weather by offering a beverage that keeps you hydrated, healthy, and energetic in the scorching summer. It believes that the current hydration drinks in the market are stuffed with unhealthy ingredients and high sugar levels, which does more harm than good. Almost every drink uses the “outdated” approach to make drinks that the athletes consume.

Local Weather NFT

Local Weather offers a ‘sports drink’ that is healthy and charges you and your brain with a lot of positive energy. To achieve so by canvassing the public to try their product, it was challenging to build upon a community that is second to none. Therefore, Local Weather planned to drop NFTs that win them a community that enjoys exclusive perks as long as they hold the NFTs. Local Weather is more of an Energy drink-focused project than an NFT, but it uses the NFT platform for a unique utility.

The PFP and membership-based NFTs offer members-only perks like performance drink flavors, premium tickets, unboxing perks, entry to raffles, and much more in the row. Mint for a limited number of NFTs goes live in a few hours for the mint price of just 0.15 ETH.


Considering over 71.7K members on Discord and over 118K Twitter followers, the NFTs up for this mint will be sold in just a few minutes as their allow list looks already crowded. The success of these limited number of NFTs will determine whether Local Weather will be a success or “another star, to fade away.”

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