AMAZY is the Most Anticipated Web3 Project Launch of 2022

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  • AMAZY is a new move-to-earn lifestyle web3 app that is currently in a testing phase and prepares to launch through an IGO on Seedify. 

One of the most anticipated crypto projects to launch this year is AMAZY, a fresh move-to-earn web3 lifestyle app. AMAZY had 2 Gleam giveaways, with one having more than 1 million entries and the second one with more than 3 million entries! The official launch is just around the corner, and this is just the beginning!

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AMAZY Explained

AMAZY is a new move-to-earn lifestyle app that enables individuals to work out and make money at the same time. Just put on your NFT sneakers before you go out for a run to start earning cryptos! Moreover, AMAZY is a fitness app with GameFi capabilities that you can use to pay for walking or jogging using AMT tokens. It’s one of the most anticipated web3 launches of 2022, and it’s nearby! The goal of AMAZY is to inspire individuals to switch out their screens for the outdoors and find fun new ways to improve their health. 

AMAZY is the perfect crypto companion for everyone, regardless of location or gender, because of its adaptability and comprehensiveness. Along with allowing users to make money through physical activity, AMAZY also features an NFT marketplace that will be introduced soon, 3D NFT footwear, the AMT and AZY tokens, as well as a number of other innovative products that together make up the AMAZY Realverse.


The app is being developed by a team of professionals and it is currently in a testing phase. Only a handful people could get their hands on this testing phase, but when everything will be ready, it should be available for everyone willing to start working and earning as a result. The upcoming IGO event will be a breaking point for AMAZY to start running. 


AMAZY, the web3 project recently announced partnership with Seedify, one of the top-notch crypto launchpads in the industry. It’s important to notice that projects which cooperated with Seedify delivered a 37.5x return on average! The launch will happen as an Initial Game Offering (IGO) and its participants will get tokens, in-game assets and other bonuses. To find out more about AMAZY, check out their website or social media listed below. 

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