AMAZY is the Next Big Move to Earn Project in the Crypto Space

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  • AMAZY is the newest move-to-earn lifestyle app that allows people to get healthy and wealthy at the same time. The project is supported by dozens of popular influencers and it’s launching soon.

Cryptocurrencies took a strong fall in the last few months but when things stabilize once again, great projects will be able to go public and deliver fantastic results. AMAZY is the coolest project that is just being discovered and you should pay attention to it. AMAZY is coming to take over. 

AMAZY: Fitness Combined With GameFi

AMAZY is the ultimate move-to-earn lifestyle app that allows people to stay in shape and earn simultaneously. No need to work out for free anymore. When you’re about to go for a run, just wear your NFT sneakers and earn crypto for doing so! AMAZY is defined as a fitness app with GameFi features that you can use to earn AMT tokens for walking or jogging. 

The project’s mission is to motivate people to replace the screen with fresh air and discover a new exciting way to take care of their health. AMAZY users can also work out as a team, and the NFT sneakers may be bought, sold, or rented in their marketplace, which will be launched any time soon! There will be two types of sneakers available at the beginning: common and uncommon. 

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You can get these NFTs for free by joining a giveaway on Gleam, or on AMAZY marketplace later on. The main network and marketplace will be running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), supported by BNB. If you want to be among the first people to get AMAZY sneakers for the initial price, make sure to be on their Telegram News channel

AMAZY has a lot of potential as it combines a healthy lifestyle and income for everyone involved in this project. The doors are open for everyone and there’s a chance to earn big profits as the token can get in a significant momentum thanks to its influencers and strong team. AMAZY has a professional team of entrepreneurs and investors. Furthermore, dozens of influencers with millions of followers support AMAZY, and the token could do 100x in just a few weeks easily. 

Tokenomics (AMT & AZY)

AMAZY plans to launch its own token that will be available on centralized as well as decentralized exchanges after its listing. The public sale for this token is running at the beginning of June and the IDO will follow in the near future. The token price will be supported by AMAZY marketplace, where the project will earn a portion of fees for trading on their platform. 

The project will work on two main cryptocurrencies AMT and AZY. AMT is a utility token that will have an unlimited supply, while AZY is a governance token with a pre-determined max supply of 1 billion. AMT will be used for unlocking the sneakers, upgrading, fees, etc. 


AMAZY is a chance for people to get healthy and wealthy at the same time. Moreover, the project will donate a portion of its income to help people with disabilities. There hasn’t been a project like this before! There’s so much support and marketing that it’s only a matter of time until it goes the to the moon. Will you join AMAZY?

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