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Introduction: Yuliverse

An alternative reality metaverse Yuliverse is a social and lifestyle category play-to-earn game based on Binance Smart Chain. The idea behind the game is inspired by Pokemon Go and Tinder and goes around growing new and meaningful friendships. The game offers a way to earn by interacting with your friends on the platform and socializing.


Yuliverse is a new way of socializing in the metaverse and a play-to-earn experience where your virtual self will witness a rich storyline. As you progress in the game, you will experience justice, friendship, betrayal, and lies in the story.

Yuliverse is available for Windows, Android, and iOS users and can be downloaded from Play Store, App Store, or Website. The game offers a limited free experience to the players to test their gameplay, however, to fully experience the gameplay and enjoy the perks of the game, they first need to purchase the playable characters.

NFT Game Assets:

Though players can enter the game for free and enjoy the basic city hunt, the Yuli NFTs are necessary to unlock more resources, props, special gameplay modes, and social privileges, and earn tokens. Yuli heroes are the NFT-based characters who play the game. 

There are 5 main traits that Yuli can have:

  1. Fire
  2. Ice
  3. Wind
  4. Rock
  5. Thunder

Terra is a feature in the Yuliverse game that involves players moving in the real world to find and purify Terra using a unique skill. The purification process uses Yuli’s spiritual power and sanity, and the player’s mental state affects the effectiveness and benefits of purifying Terra. The outcome of the purification process also depends on the different combinations of dice rolls and skill levels used by the player. 

Skill Level Combinations
7 5 Novas
6 Straight(12345 or 23456)
5 Small Straight(1234 or 2345 or 3456)
4 Nova power + Nova power + Nova power
3 Beyond power + Beyond power + Beyond power
2 Elements + Elements + Elements
1 Elements + Beyond power + Nova power


Since Yuliverse is a virtual world to live a second life, this LifeFi (Life Finance) is supported by a dual token economy. Alternative Reality Gem, ARG token is the main currency and utility token of the game which is generated as a result of the terra purification. ARG is proof of players’ activities characters upgrade, enhancement chips upgrade, sanity items purchasing, Yuli Fete gameplay, and Yuli breeding.

Currency Yes No
Use for Upgrades Yes High-level Characters and Enhancement
Sanity Purchases Yes No
Yuli Activities Yes Yuli Breeding
Base Building No Yes
Agore Purchases No Yes
Token Issuance Regular Limited

The supreme honor of Yuliverse is the Alternate Reality Token, ART, used to push the promotion of project Katharsis and upgrade high-level digital resources like -High-level characters and High-level enhancements. There are a total of 8 billion ART tokens and initially, only 12.5% are released. Below is the distribution of the token supply:

Allocation Percentage
X-to-Earn 30%
Treasury 15%
Ecosystem 20%
Team 15%
Private Sales 5%
Public Sales 5%
Seed 5%
Advisory 5%


Platform Followers
Medium 680
Twitter 108k
Discord 97.7k




The feedbacks of community on Binance Chain platform are mostly as 98% rate it 10/10. So if you are looking for an engaging gameplay, a unique social experience, and the opportunity to witness a rich storyline, Yuliverse can offer you all that in one place.

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