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Quite naturally, as another Pokémon-induced hype hits the gaming landscape, players go crazy. We’ve witnessed this creature-catching hysteria when Axie Infinity dominated the P2E sphere with their twist on creature-collecting. Illuvium came next, hoarding multitudes of fans all around the globe. What did these two lack, though? An action granted by shooter elements. That’s when the most recent extravaganza kicks in and steals the stage. Palworld truly appeared to garner immense success – but we know the trailblazing alternative for Web3. 

AneeMate game a next Palworld of webš

Palworld has what other creature catchers don’t 

What Pokémon invented with their focus on whimsical monsters has been dwelling on players throughout the entire gaming history. Gamers got obsessed with creatures of miscellaneous shapes and colors; we were collecting them, trading them, breeding them, sending them to fights and more. Even game titles beyond Pokémon-style appeal embraced the monster-centric game designs. Just think of enormously successful series such as Heroes of Might and Magic along all of its spin-offs. It’s clear – we just love our creatures in games. 

Still, there has been something lacking in this success formula, and Palworld’s masterminds at Pocket Pair figured it out the right way. 

Ever found yourself gazing at a Vulpix and daydreaming about unleashing a Flamethrower just for kicks? Ever pondered the possibility of fashioning an Eevee’s fur into a stylish jacket? Perhaps the thought of equipping Pikachu with a deadly shotgun crossed your mind, purely for the curiosity of it all. Did you say yes at least once? Never mind – instead of the therapy session, we’ll get you a one-way ticket straight to the allures of Palworld. 

Before its launch, the game was hyped as “Pokémon with guns,” but that description falls short. Picture more of a Rust-like experience sprinkled with uniquely distinct creatures reminiscent of Pokémon. Gameplay here revolves primarily around survival crafting, with the adorable critters adding a delightful twist to the core mechanics, steering away from the conventional focus on collecting and battling. Obviously, Palworld has everything you could ever dream of in other Pokémon rip-offs imitations. 

And we have an enhanced Palworld of Web3 geared up for the first public alpha launch. 

Introducing AneeMate – a creature extraction shooter based on blockchain 

Sometimes it takes more than a little messing around to unearth true gems. We took a deep dive into oceans of web3 games to fathom the exciting parts of the iceberg. What we found left us breathless. Officially, it’s been over a year since a relatively small European games studio has been building its second game, called AneeMate. Following up on our research, AneeMate is going to be a Palworld’s web3 twin with so many compelling features under the belt. 

First off, this aspiring Pokémon contender introduces an imaginative open world shaped by different elemental areas. The story of Hidden Islands – a land where so-called AneeMates live their mythical lives, follows the fates of children who found a portal to another world, where their innermost fantasies of magical creatures and uncanny environments come to reality. A sleek narrative, however, is highlighted by a promised cross-genre gameplay – that is where AneeMate’s magic happens. 

AneeMate introduces open-world cross-genre gameplay

AneeMate: open-world exploration, creature-catching, shooter action combined  

According to AneeMate’s official profile, the game is fiercely gearing up for the first public alpha release, and the expectations are big. No wonder, QORPO Game Studio, a developer behind AneeMate promises to deliver an open-world MMO experience spiced up with shooter action and creature-catching across multiple game modes. 

Honestly, no one can ever say whether the huge promises of game studios, especially in web3, will live up to the hype. One way or another, though, AneeMate boasts several early gameplay showcases along with an official trailer and truth be told, all of them suggest that the final product might really be worth it.  Just take a look at this super early work in progress gameplay sneak-peek: 

How to get a whitelist for AneeMate early alpha release 

In the real world, to see is to believe. In gaming, to believe is to play. Although the official release date has not been announced yet, teaser are swarming upon us and according to the studio’s roadmap, AneeMate alpha is expected to witness the light of the day at the end of the first quarter of 2024, and it looks like the early access will be granted for the whitelisted community of the most dedicated supporters. Good news is that anyone can become a member of this ‘VIP club.’

As reported by Cointelegraph, last November, QORPO Game Studio ran a highly successful genesis mint of AneeMates on their native NFT marketplace. Besides other enticing utilities, such as public sale allocation, every AneeMate holder is granted a lifetime access to every AneeMate IP, including the early alpha access. 

Although the mint has long been over, Genesis Zero AneeMate NFTs thrive on the Element Market. But don’t worry. Despite this investment requirement related to the early alpha stage, QORPO Game Studio promises to make AneeMate a free-to-play game – pretty obviously, we’ll have to wait for more refined game launches. But if you’re too curious to wait for a soft launch, there’s a way to lock your early alpha spot today. 

Palworld of Web3 - AneeMate introduces Genesis Zero NFT collection for early access to alpha.

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