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Quick Summary

  • Iconic James Bond franchise is planning to release series of NFTs for the movie “No Time To Die”.
  • People will be able to show their digital pieces from this NFT collection through the VeVe platform in virtual showrooms.
source: twitter

James Bond NFTs, really?

“As one of the longest-running and most successful film franchises of all time, James Bond continues to evolve and innovate to meet the demands of our devoted audiences around the globe,” stated Stephen Bruno, Chief Marketing Officer at MGM.


Everybody knows the name James Bond, while NFTs are still something new. Details about the release are still pretty unknown, but it’s certain it’s gonna happen very soon. The NFT drops will happen through the VeVe platform and the team is excited about its release saying it could have a worldwide impact. 

People could learn about NFTs more thanks to this new series and make a lot of money at the same time, so this is exciting news for sure! How expensive are these NFTs going to be? We’ll see soon.


VeVe platform has partnered with James Bond Franchise to create a brand new series of NFTs and jumped on the trend. This is just one of the milestones for NFTs in order to really go mainstream. Will they break sales records thanks to their strong reputation? 

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