Beeple Has Done It Again – $29 million NFT Sale

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  • Beeple had his second biggest NFT sale with his artwork called “HUMAN ONE” for almost $29 million. The NFT was presented in a 3D digital lightbox made of 4 LED screens. 
  • This is Beeple’s second biggest NFTs sale, while all his digital art is worth more than $100 million.

Non-fungible tokens came out of nowhere, and suddenly they’re selling for millions of dollars. Beeple’s most expensive sale was at the beginning of 2021, for his artwork “The First 5000 Days”, worth $69 million. Since then, he made some more notable sales but the most noticeable is called “HUMAN ONE”.

HUMAN ONE by Beeple

Beeple stole the show at Christie’s 21st Century Evening Sale in New York on Wednesday. His animated digital illustration HUMAN ONE (2021), the NFT presented in a 3D digital lightbox made of four LED screens, sold for just under $29 million. The artist tweeted that he is still in absolute disbelief of reality. He is the only 9-figure NFT artist in the world right now, with sales of more than $100 million in 2021.

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This was his second-biggest sale, and also the second biggest NFT sale in the world from a single artist. HUMAN ONE was acquired by Swiss entrepreneur Ryan Zurrer

“With HUMAN ONE, Beeple brings the highly polished, cartoon-dystopian hallucinations of his ongoing EVERYDAYS series boldly into the round via a towering, chromed-out monolith of slowly rotating LED screens,” said Noah Davis, the head of digital sales at Christie’s.

“The hero of the work is a lone astronaut, forever striding through the wastes of a vaguely familiar world, one strewn with oversize Pop icons in various states of decay or perversion, punctuated by the occasional spray of flora, desolate stretches of sand dunes and a few nods to some of the titans of Art History.”


As the world evolves, so does Christie’s, the world’s biggest art house. Paintings were sold at Christie’s for decades, and suddenly the biggest NFT artworks are being sold there. While OpenSea is the biggest NFT marketplace in the world, Christie’s is now a hybrid auction house (auctioning real and digital paintings) with a long history and already adjusting to trends and selling the biggest digital art pieces in the world. Beeple is no doubt the best-selling NFT artist of 2021 which has essentially helped Christie’s to swim in these new NFT waves.

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