Best NFT investment of 2021? CyberTrade with CyberCASH ($CC) from IOI!

Major Reasons why IOI Corporation with its upcoming project CyberTrade is going to be the NFT gamechanger! 

IOI already introduced Trade Race Manager and IOI Wallet, platforms which are up and running with updates and improvements coming every week. They are gaining huge social media traction and there are approximately 300.000 users playing the game at the moment. 

IOI Team announced a new NFT project this week called CyberTrade with Dual token economy implemented, revolutionary NFTs with leveling and play2earn mechanics build in a full 3D Unity engine with big rewards for players. 


From the looks of CyberTrade, in-game currency, and economics of CyberCash which will be listed probably on DEXes soon we can say CyberTrade is the project to look out for in 2021 and has big upside investment potential. 

IOI team does regular buybacks and supports their token very strongly from their revenue with CyberCash it should be the same story. 

Read all about CyberTrade from their official Whitepaper here