Binance Partnered With Khaby Lame to Embrace Crypto and NFTs

TikTok has become one of the most popular social networks in the last year, and people from all over the world have become addicted to its short video content. The famous Khaby Lame, who has managed to go viral without saying a word, has joined Binance. 

Binance is an alliance that seeks to promote the adoption of the exchange and cryptocurrencies, as well as the creation of a new series of exclusive NFTs.The tiktoker aims to combat the myths about the Web3, and although there is not much information about the new NFT Collection of the tiktoker, it was said that it will be available very soon.

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How it all started

The idea of this collaboration arose with the idea that the characteristic tiktoker creates his peculiar content to explain what Web3 is and everything that has to do with cryptocurrencies. And it is something that leaves us with a lot of expectations since Khaby Lame’s videos are famous for how straightforward he manages to explain things without even saying words.

“I have been curious about web3 for a long time and seized the opportunity to partner with a leader like binance because it fits perfectly with what I tend to do: make complex things easy and fun for everyone!”, said Khaby Lame

Without a doubt, this is an excellent way to teach about Web3 in a fun and simple form, and it is sure to be much easier to learn.  

Khaby Lame continues to conquer industries

This tiktoker is quite extraordinary since, from the outset, he is the content creator with the most followers on the Tiktok platform. Alliances with content creators or influencers today are one of the most profitable strategies for brands. 

And the famous tiktoker is one of the most requested since it has more than 144 million followers and an accumulated 2,300 million “Like” among all its contents. In addition to Binance, Pepsi is one of the companies that has collaborated with Khaby as part of its marketing strategies.


Without a doubt, the famous tiktoker will be able to explain content about Web3 and cryptocurrencies more simply. And clearly, once again, it is confirmed that influencers or content creators are a great tool to reach that niche of consumers who do not detach themselves from social networks.

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