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In a dramatic turn of events, cryptocurrency influencer Ben Armstrong, popularly known as BitBoy, was arrested while ranting on a livestream. The incident occurred amidst a backdrop of a flashy Lamborghini and a loaded gun, which was later found on the back seat of his car.

Dramatic Arrest on Livestream

On the day of the incident, Armstrong was broadcasting live to his followers, discussing various cryptocurrency topics. However, the discussion took a heated turn which eventually led to Armstrong’s arrest. The livestream captured the entire ordeal, showcasing the influencer being handcuffed and escorted by the police.

The entire insane 37-minute Bitboy stream starting from Carlo’s driveway (him on his property) to him ending the stream.

According to a report, the arrest took place with a loaded gun on the back seat of Armstrong’s car. The presence of the firearm added a dangerous edge to the already tense situation. The report did not specify whether the gun played a part in the arrest, but its presence surely raised eyebrows among the community and authorities alike.

Lamborghini Trigger

The other report highlighted that the arrest took place over a Lamborghini owned by Carlos Diaz. The details surrounding the Lamborghini and its connection to the arrest are still unclear. However, it’s speculated that the flashy car might have been a trigger for the heated discussion that led to Armstrong’s arrest.

Armstrong, known for his bold and often controversial takes on cryptocurrency, has a significant following in the crypto community. This incident has surely left many in shock and raised questions about the influencer’s actions and the broader implications it might have on the crypto community.

The arrest of Ben Armstrong is a stark reminder of the fine line that exists between passionate discourse and crossing into dangerous territory. As the crypto community continues to grow, it’s imperative that discussions remain civil and adhere to the law to ensure a positive and safe environment for all involved.

Armstrong’s statement on the situation:

Influencer Responsibility

This incident also brings to light the importance of responsible behavior among influencers, who possess the power to shape opinions and behaviors within their communities. As the story continues to unfold, the crypto community will undoubtedly be watching closely, awaiting further details and hoping for a resolution that ensures the safety and integrity of the space.

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