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Quick Introduction

BLOCKLORDS is an extraordinary medieval grand strategy game that places players at the center of its world. With diverse playstyles, including farming, fighting, resource management, and ruling, the game allows players to forge their own destinies and shape the narrative. Developed by MetaKing Studios using groundbreaking web3 technology, BLOCKLORDS offers an accessible and immersive gaming experience that empowers players by granting them full ownership of their in-game assets.

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Basic Overview

MetaKing Studios, a team of passionate gamers from eight different countries, has come together to create BLOCKLORDS. With a strong focus on fun, the studio consists of over 100 talented individuals. Unlike many web3 games that prioritize short-term adoption and profit extraction, BLOCKLORDS aims to build a game that stands the test of time and prioritizes players’ enjoyment and asset ownership.

David Johansson – Founder & CEO (2021-present)

Nicky Li – Co-Founder & COO (2022-present)

Medet Ahmetson – CTO (2021-present)

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BLOCKLORDS’ gameplay revolves around player freedom and the ability to shape the world. Whether you choose the peaceful life of a Farmer, the protective role of a Knight, the plundering path of a Raider, the noble position of a Lord or Lady, or even the ultimate power of a Ruler, your in-game choices and skill determine the fate of your Hero.


Farmers: Begin your BLOCKLORDS journey as a Farmer, engaging in farm-style gameplay where you work, harvest, and build houses to recruit other Heroes. Additional worker NPCs can join your farm, but they will require food. If you desire, you can purchase additional Farmers on the marketplace.


Knights and Raiders: Players who accumulate enough resources and wish to transition from farming can choose to become a Knight or Raider. As a Knight, you will play a protective role, while as a Raider, you will seek battle and plunder.


Lords and Ladies: Take on the role of a Lord or Lady, where you have control over a region. Allocate resources wisely to build prosperous trade centers and defend your people. Be mindful not to tax too heavily or become too greedy, as your citizens may rebel!


Kings and Queens: As a King or Queen, you govern a nation, the largest territory type in BLOCKLORDS. Your responsibilities include managing currency, national policies, diplomacy, trade agreements, and research for your armies and regions.


BLOCKLORDS follows a Play-to-Own model that focuses on gameplay enjoyment rather than financial incentives. In-game assets, such as heroes, evolve and develop as players progress, creating a sense of connection and value. The player-driven narrative ensures a unique gaming experience shaped by player actions and decisions. By embracing a player-owned economy, BLOCKLORDS allows players to monetize their achievements and derive real value from their in-game experiences.

NFT Game Assets

Each player starts BLOCKLORDS with a unique Hero, minted as a digital asset belonging to the player. Heroes possess individual stats and traits, making them one-of-a-kind. Starting as a basic Farmer Hero, players progress and make choices that shape their Hero’s path. The role you choose in the game determines your gameplay choices and interactions with others. Heroes hold value based on their utility within BLOCKLORDS’ asymmetrical economy. Players can import, level up, and sell their heroes on marketplaces like Immutable X, offering a fair and innovative way to reward players.


In-game Gameplay







BLOCKLORDS is revolutionizing the web3 gaming landscape by creating a player-driven, immersive experience with full asset ownership. By prioritizing gameplay enjoyment and fostering a player-owned economy, BLOCKLORDS provides a refreshing and fair approach to in-game monetization. Embark on an epic medieval journey, shape the world, and discover the true value of your heroes in BLOCKLORDS!

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