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Quick Summary:

  • In the new proposed model, the Bored Ape founders want creators to be a part of the NFT ecosystem forever.
  • The model should also allow the free transfer of NFTs between wallets.

The originator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has come about with a proposal to discourse the creator royalty issue. It happened after several days of resentment prevailing inside the NFT community. They proposed the development of an “allow list” where normal wallets may freely trade without incurring transfer fees. Also, only marketplaces that respect the creator’s royalties are authorized to sell NFTs.

The recommendation comes from several top NFT marketplaces that have transferred to make paying the creator royalties optional. This decision has discouraged & angered several NFT creators. It is noticeable that the explosive rise in the NFT sector in the past two years incurs much to creator royalties.

In a write-up of Substack, Wylie Aronow highlighted how creators could reserve their royalties. It also mentioned how collectors remained satisfied by moving NFTs while incurring zero fees. Other members of BAYC have also endorsed his message. Above all, “as much as Non-fungible tokens are users about owning digital assets, they are about delegating the creators.” Aronow suggested that Users’ve to transfer the assets from wallet-wallet for privacy & security reasons and to respond to hacks.

Bay Ape Yacht Club reply to OpenSea:

On 8th November 2022, Kerem Atalay & Greg Solano, co-founders of BAYC with Wylie Aronow, released a blog post. They’ve mentioned that they consider creator payments the only important thing that attracts creators & artists into the ecosystem.

The post responds to OpenSea’s 6th November declaration that it’ll follow other NFT marketplaces on royalty enforcement. Aronow intends to get going with the herd’s remaining members & creator royalties for aged collections off their network. Which he found to be not so fantastic.

Creator royalties allow list working:

The list would only comprise marketplaces that let trading between normal wallets & respect creator royalties. For example, when a transfer happens, it’ll be checked if it’s coming from a smart contract or a regular wallet. If it’s coming from a normal wallet, it’ll be authorized to process.

In an 8th Nov tweet, famous NFT artist Mike Winkelmann praised the post as it’ll protect creator royalties:


The proposal is being welcomed by the NFT community and it seems that it will become a part of BAYC soon. Incentivizing real creators is the real goal of NFTs and this proposal is the way forward and in the right direction.

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