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Limited Citizen Conflict Hero NFT Avatars Collection on To commemorate the start of the $10,000 tournaments in Citizen Conflict, an electrifying alliance awaits to enhance the esports journey. A remarkable collaboration with brings forth an exclusive NFT drop titled ‘Become the Citizen.’ Secure your own piece of this immersive experience for just $1, available 1PM UTC on the 31st of May!

NFT Collection Overview

Limited NFT Collection for Unlimited Esports & Gaming Experience

Why Settle for Less? Your Dollar Can Do So Much More! Today 1PM UTC, witness the exponential surge in the value of your dollar note as the Become the Citizen NFT collection descends upon Acquiring your very own Citizen Conflict hero NFT today will unlock a treasure trove of gaming and esports prospects within the thriving blockchain-powered game community.

Unlock a World of Possibilities on with Just One Dollar

Embrace Exceptional Rarity: Become the Citizen NFT Collection, Limited to 500 Pieces Only! Discover 10 Unique Heroes Adorned with 6 Vibrant Colors and 6 Customizable Accessories, Elevating Your Social Media Presence to Dazzling Heights.

  • Your New Hero Avatar Not Only Looks Incredibly Cool, but Also Holds the Potential for Exceptional Rarity Value.
  • Alpha 2.0 Access — Get early access to the Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0, and become one of the first citizens to rule the Ether Islands in the current alpha release.
  • Citizen Conflict Esports Pass – Your Brand New NFT Avatar is Your Gateway to Thrilling Esports Tournaments and Lucrative Prize Pools in Citizen Conflict.
  • $QORPO Token Airdrop Chance – As the listing of $QORPO Token approaches, Social Media Citizens are in for an exciting treat. Prepare to be rewarded with a remarkable chance to receive a substantial $QORPO Token airdrop directly into your wallet. Stay tuned for this incredible opportunity!

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