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The crypto mainstream adoption is coming once our parents can buy the crypto with a one-click, easy-to-use button. We are not there yet, but every day closer, and this is also related to the new booming part of the crypto space – Non-fungible tokens. Are you ready to buy NFT with a credit card?

Circle Internet Financial, the leading crypto fintech startup, has announced the launch of a payment solution for the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market. 

Jeremy Allaire, Circle co-founder, and CEO, indicated a new payment method possibility  in a Tweet recently, writing: ”Today we announced a suite of solutions we are rolling out to support the booming growth of NFT apps, markets and projects.  More crypto payment methods and storage, NFT custody and attractive yield generation for NFT operators.”

This payment solution will enable investors and content creators to make payments using credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Promoting NFT Adoption

The company announced earlier that it hopes the initiative would draw more investors into the run-in NFT. 

Jeremy Allaire said the initiative is important for content creators as well as customers, who want to enter the NFT market. The CEO of Circle added:

“Circle looks forward to supporting the industry – creators, platforms, marketplaces, storefronts, and customers – with our solution for enabling a user-friendly, mainstream payments experience with the power of crypto connectivity and USDC.” 

Circle noted that it will also provide support for investors making payments using cryptocurrencies. These include its USD Coin (USDC), bitcoin (BTC), as well as ether (ETH) in the next few months. 

The NFT era

NFT has been the major trending topic in the crypto industry in these latter days. The sale of Beeple Art that went for as high as $69 million. This was one of the most remarkable events for NFT that brought so much attention, as well as when Jack Dorsey, CEO of popular payment provider Square sold his first Tweet as NFT for $2.9 million a few weeks back. 

These groundbreaking gross sales have prompted numerous curiosity amongst mainstream traders in addition to trade specialists who wish to be partakers of the latest crypto development. 

However, there has been a little snag with NFTs, as investors are usually required to purchase content using cryptocurrencies. 

While using cryptos to purchase NFT collections has its opportunities, it has deterred many investors who do not own digital currencies from getting involved with the current trend. 

Based on this, Circle has unveiled the initiative to enable traditional investors to enter the NFT market. NFT sales and purchases can now be made using cryptocurrencies and credit card payment options. 


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