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Quick Summary

  • Karma is the next-gen female character of Crypto Citizen and a part of the Midnight Syndicate with only 100 available NFTs for sale, which is happening on QORPO Market on July 7, 1:00 PM UTC.

The last time we wrote about Crypto Citizen NFTs, their floor price grew by about 5x to 10x in a matter of a few days. Now we proudly announce there’s another big sale coming. Get ready for Karma. 

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Why is this a great NFT drop 

The whole crypto market is going through tough times, and most people have their capital stuck in some projects. But on the other hand, those with free money can use this opportunity and make at least 5x on this NFT drop. How and why 5x in a bear market? First of all, there’s a massive gaming company (QORPO) behind this project, and Crypto Citizen is one of the hottest upcoming blockchain games.

Moreover, this is a limited NFT gaming collection with only 100 pieces running on Binance Smart Chain with Chainlink VRF technology implemented. Karma also looks hot and has sick gaming attributes. She has a special ability that is called Decoy, which allows her to create a hologram of herself as a decoy to confuse enemies. 

Pretty cool, right? Her unique gadget is an incendiary grenade that is thrown and deals burn damage to enemies. Lastly, the project has a good start with 3 sold-out collections on Binance, OKX, and QORPO Market. Why wouldn’t the fourth one sell out

About the sale

This is the first-ever sale of a female character, called Karma. Karma is a next-gen NFT with a use for the upcoming game Crypto Citizen. She is an arrogant, manipulative, vengeful and badass woman with unique characteristics and attributes thanks to the implementation of Chainlink VRF technology. There will only be 100 pieces of this NFT like last time, priced at $250. 

The sale is happening on the 7th of July, so you better hurry before another 10x NFT flies through your fingers. Karma is a part of a Midnight syndicate, which rules the street fight scene in New Vegas, recruits new fighters , and almost all that relates to fights! Moreover, Karma NFT will be interoperable through all Crypto Citizen games, including Illegal Street Fights, Drag Races, Hero Shooter Citizen Conflict, and the open-world metaverse.

About Karma

Karma is Dyor’s twin. They were born to a single mother that would’ve had a lot of problems raising them no matter what, and being born to Vaporwaves, things were just not good. They both learned how to steal from a very young age, and Dyor soon joined gangs. Karma didn’t want that. She always wanted a big career, and she loved dominance and violence, so she joined the military forces as soon as she could. 

Quickly she grew in rank, and arrogance. She became corrupt and was doing shady business with her brother, stealing huge amounts of CCASH from the military. Her fall was sudden and devastating. Colleagues jealous of her success and affluence plotted to bring her down, and hired an assassin, none other than Tonhy Messina. She escaped only thanks to an early intervention from her brother. Now Karma is on the street as well, doing dirty jobs for CCASH, growing in power. 

Personality description

Karma is arrogant, power-lust, unforgiving, manipulative, vengeful. She loves dominance, violence and power, but also loves her mother and brother. Those are the closest people in the world for her, would do anything for them. Karma doesn’t give a damn about opinions of others, and she is very confident. 

How to participate in the sale

  1. Register on QORPO Market
  2. Buy $IOI tokens
  3. Join the sale on July 7, at 1:00 PM UTC



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Crypto Citizen is an exciting and one of the most anticipated blockchain games ever. While the project completed a few Alpha Tests, the actual launch is slowly but surely coming. That is why they’re slowly dropping the hottest NFTs like Tonhy Messina or Karma. If you get to be among the first people to acquire the NFT of Karma, it may rise in value like a collectible, or you can flip it right after the NFT drop. Moreover, you can use it to earn CCASH and explore the fantastic upcoming game.

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author: Rene Remsik

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.