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Quick Summary

  • September 5th, Element, the multi-chain aggregation NFT trading market, officially launched the “Element Storm” activity.
  • Users can win 25 million ELE Tokens rewards by trading NFT, listing NFT, inviting friends…and many other activities ready to come.

What is Element Marketplace?

  • Element is the first community-driven aggregated marketplace, built to save time and money. Users get access to the best liquidity, lowest transaction costs, and most efficient trading functions. It is built on multi-chain (support ETH/BNB Chain/Polygon/AVAX).

And ranked 4th on the ETH chain and 1st on the BNB chain.

  • They launched Element 2.0 in August. The new version provides many useful tools for NFT trading (such as bulk purchase/sell wall chart/) which are liked by many NFT traders.

Element Storm

  • The Element Storm activity starts from 5th, Sep. to 5th, Nov. Users could trade and list their NFTs on Element and then get $ELE reward.
  • Activities are many and keep updating, such as “Allowlist Task, NFT Airdrop, Make Offer, and Like NFT” are on the way.

Why Should You Choose Element?

  • Gas saving (up to 49%).
  • Bulk purchase (buy more NFTs with one click).
  • Cross marketplace listing (Users could list NFT on Element/Opensea/Looksrare).
  • Lowest marketplace fee (only 0.5%).
  • Powerful Toolkits (Collection Offers/Mixed Currency/Rarity Rank).


This Airdrop is undoubtedly very interesting. There are continuously new communities and projects join Element Storm such as Doodles and Azuki. As for Element market, they have a strong and growing community, partnered with many hot projects. Their market is very user-friendly, with powerful data tools and many useful functions.
Also Up to 25 million ELE tokens seem profitable. So we consider the activity worthy of attention. Hope Element become a strong competitor of Opensea. As we always need fresh blood and new things in the crypto world.

You can visit them: Discord Element.Market Twitter

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