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  • There is a new project called ElonVerse which will contain 10,000 unique Elons, and they will be customizable by its investors. If investors decide hodl these NFTs, they will be rewarded with 5% of the token value in Dogecoin. 

Firstly, Elon Musk is making headlines for months by influencing the price of cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and even Bitcoin. Now, it seems like he found a new hobby. He wants to sell his tweet as an NFT and now there are Elon Musk NFTs. What’s next?

Elon Musk NFTs

There is a new NFT project launched on Binance Smart Chain called ElonVerse. It will contain 10,000 (like CryptoPunks) unique and funny Elons, and investors will have a chance to customize each one of them on its mining platform. Every NFT, with its associated metadata (including media address, descriptions, and attributes) is stored on a blockchain that guarantees its uniqueness, thus making it non-interchangeable.

Any form of digital media such as photo, video, audio, and text can be used to create an NFT, in a process widely known as the minting of the NFT. ElonVerse’s NFT minting platform is home to thousands of funny and unique Elon NFTs. That allows every community member a chance to mint their own NFT until the exclusive supply runs out.

The inclusion of a blockchain-based game gives additional purpose to the ElonVerse. That will allow NFT holders to put their best NFTs before the community. ElonVerse community members can vote for the NFTs they like the most. It works like a competition. The best NFTs decided by the community vote will get rewarded with ElonVerse utility tokens.

Rewards in Dogecoin

ElonVerse’s profitably crafted tokenomics provides investors with possible passive income in DogeCoin. Members can use the chance to get 5% of the token value they hold in DogeCoin (a.k.a. staking), which perfectly fits the ecosystem (being the favorite cryptocurrency of Elon Musk). 


ElonVerse is supposed to make its users feel like “being in space” with the famous Elon Musk, guiding them on their adventurous journey to deep and fascinating crypto space. This project seems to be the perfect way to attract his true fans. Is this the ultimate way to attract new users using someone else’s name? Elon’s name is really something to pay attention to.

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Rene Remsik

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