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Quick Summary

  • A clip-selling platform of streamers called Eternal is launching and backed by whales such as Mark Cuban and Coinbase ventures.
  • It’s a new project that created a new way to monetize like this film distribution company.

Whales backing another project

The NFT world is growing bigger and stronger every day. Big investors like Mark Cuban are not afraid to throw millions on promising projects, mainly in the blockchain crypto NFT sphere. Now the question is whether you can make money on this project too.

Even smaller investors are keen to own any non-fungible token (NFT) as this is the year when NFTs went mainstream and grow in value exponentially. It’s a new phenomenon to throw six-figure or even seven-figure sums on JPEG pictures. But Eternal wants to do things differently. 


Eternal wants to focus on a specific niche from the NFT world, and that is going to be popular clips from game streamers. The platform may seem similar to Top Shot, but the team has ideas on how to make it more distinct and unique. This project is backed not only by Mark Cuban and Coinbase ventures but Gary Vaynerchuk, Dapper Labs, etc. Eternal wants to focus only on popular streams operating at the top with the highest number of fans.

Streamers will be selling top clips, which are already tracked by Twitch. This way, they want to immortalize special moments on the blockchain. “I think Top Shot is a great model but [Eternal] works way better for creators because it gives creators a brand new way to monetize,” CEO Jeffrey Tong tells TechCrunch.

A strong selling point of the platform is that it’s built Dapper Labs Flow (token/company) because it’s a user-friendly decentralized blockchain app. The company wants Eternal to end up on more blockchains in the end, using cross-chain maneuvers. There are already hundreds of thousands of US Dollars in transactions and it should continue to grow. 

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There is not a week without interesting news in the NFT world. Big whales decided to invest in a company that is creating a new way of monetizing which seems to be the new trend. NFT world is creating fresh possibilities on how to monetize and make another income stream. 

sources: techcrunch, truth-daily

Rene Remsik

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