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Quick Summary

  • An apartment NFT mint will take place today, Oct. 5, at Ethereum Towers, a vertical, community-centric megastructure comprised of almost 4,000 NFT apartments.
  • The megastructure is located in the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse. 

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Taking advantage of the creativity in the metaverse

The Ethereum Towers platform is a social platform designed for people who want to enjoy the creativity of the metaverse without dealing with its complexities. Apartments can be built, designed, and furnished using intuitive tools that do not require SDKs or programming knowledge. 

Jason Zemgulis, CEO of Ethereum Towers, commented: 

We have taken care to avoid common pitfalls like poor UI flow, unmotivated users, undeveloped land assets, disjointed gaming mechanics, and the absence of community integration in the process of creating the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse. Ethereum Towers’ experience is totally different. Apart from paying attention to the above, we are giving users a user-friendly toolset that’s easy to navigate and learn.

Further, he said: 

This intuitiveness, along with insightful UI and streamlined game mechanics, gives the sizable community of non-gamers a soft entry point, presenting a lucrative opportunity in the near future. We at Ethereum Towers are prepared to use that opportunity. We are delighted about the upcoming mint and sharing our most recent and notable developments.

A unique, state-of-the-art design 

These towers were designed according to the DNA helix by renowned architects. Ethereum Towers’ DNA is woven with a sense of community. The cost of an NFT apartment is 0.2 ETH. In addition to the loot box, each minter will receive a real-world prize, real-world accessories with varying rarities, and others. 

Possibility of custom-building a space

Apartment residents have the option of customizing their space. In addition to hosting virtual visitors, they can also host private and public events for guests to relax and socialize. They have the option of choosing a free artwork or displaying NFT art in their apartments. Artwork from the ‘Centers for Excellence for Art and Community’ initiative is free to the public. 


Last but not least, Ethereum Towers offers the option to stake apartments for rewards, and has a companion app for making in-world purchases.

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