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Quick Summary

  • Behind the Fanfield project is NFL legend Michael Vick, who wants to bring the biggest names in sports to the world of NFT and create interesting digital collections.
  • The aim of the project is, among other things, to bring fans closer together with their favorite athletes.

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How Fanfield Works?

Fanfield has an athlete app that allows sports icons to self-sign each collectible individually, making them unique and authentic items of great value.

All FanField Collectibles will be sold through a mystery box, which contains random collectible, with five possible tiers of rarity. The tiers are Common, Premier, Rare, Legendary and Ultimate. Hand signed collectibles can be found exclusively under the Legendary and Ultimate tiers.

What is Fanfield Mystery Box?

Picture opening a pack of cards, not knowing what is inside, but excited about the possibilities of what you may find. Fans will be able to purchase one or multiple mystery boxes, each containing one unique NFT.

Fanfield team creating each collection around icons to showcase top moments and accolades from their careers, making each collection totally unique and personalized.


Fanfield is undoubtedly an exciting project specializing in the NFT sports sector. It can establish a strong position thanks to the Co-Founder – Michael Vick, who can bring exciting names such as the new collaboration with Adrian Peterson from the world of sports. They’re launching their marketplace this month, and there’s sure to be a lot of exciting news coming.

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