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MetalCore is a free-to-play, NFT-based space combat P2E game built on the Immutable blockchain. With First Person Perspective (FPP) gameplay, players explore an alien mineral planet, thousands of light years away from Earth. In the year 2269 solar civil war broke out so humans had to themselves a new home outside the galaxy. Luckily they have a technology, called “The Fabricator” that can create almost anything. The lore continues as players strive to conquer and colonize new habitable planets outside our galaxy.

MetalCore: Alpha Gameplay Trailer

















Capture virtual lands, recruit pilots, craft gear, win vehicles and machines and trade your in-game digital assets with the NFT-based MetalCore game. The battle for planetary domination starts with PvE (Player vs Environment) Mode where you practice your skills before jumping into the real battlefield.

Once you have reached level 4, you can now enter into the PvP (Player vs Player) Faction Wars. Faction Wars are the fights for planetary domination on Kerberos’s planet. The planet is divided into multiple zones, each having 100 players trying to capture and control the territory. This includes three types of PvP game modes:

  1. Base Defense
  2. Domination
  3. Deathmatch

Players must capture the territory before the timer runs out of losing all their respawns. Players must kill all the enemies and destroy their enemy base. The battle lasts only an hour so boosted radars, quick reloads, and healing can really help you overcome your opponent’s team.



Incredible visuals

Extensive respawn timers

Intriguing lore

Tedious journeys back into battle

Innovative gameplay with the always-on Battle Zone to reflect the faction control in real-time

Huge updates geared toward high-end PCs

NFT Rarity:

MetalCore launched a public mint of “Infantry Genesis” 10,000 NFTs in July 2022. These NFTs were minted for 50 USD and are now available at Opensea for 0.0199 WETH (~$40). Though the price of Infantry Genesis decreased a bit, the collection cannot be judged as only 2% of NFTs are listed on the marketplace.

MetalCore Infantry Genesis

According to the roadmap of the game, MetalCore was supposed to start private token sales in Q1, 2022. However, it seems like MetalCore’s main focus has been developing and improving the game quality.

MetalCore ecosystem, as revealed in a tweet, will be based on a dual token economy where FAB will be used to incentivize players while the MGT token serves as a governance token.


MetalCore is still in its early stages and instead of following a rigid roadmap, it is absorbing the community feedback to improve its game experience. The story behind the game and the gameplay itself sets a high bar for shooting games. Though MetalCore seems off its roadmap and its early-stage development, it has already garnered a lot of attention from its community.

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