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NFT is a blockchain token and it is entirely unique. It is an abbreviation that stands for Non-Fungible Token. When a token is Non-Fungible, it means that it can not be interchanged with something else, as we already know. Non-Fungible Tokens are different from other cryptocurrency investments. Basically, these tokens don’t have value from their utility like other cryptocurrencies. 

But what are NFT Drops? Let’s find out step by step. 

What Are Crypto Airdrops?

A crypto airdrop is basically a marketing tactic that uses the free distribution of new cryptocurrency tokens. The aim is to drive awareness and build communities quickly. Another important purpose is to help put an early value to a token as recipients start to trade their airdropped tokens. Airdrops are therefore usually used by startups looking to crank up their new crypto projects. News of an upcoming airdrop is usually posted on a crypto project’s website. It is also shared across social media platforms where many cryptocurrency enthusiasts can see.

You can Start your cryptocurrency journey with free tokens as Airdrops as well via different Crypto Airdrops platforms. 

Sure you remember Uniswap airdrop in September 2020  when Uniswap launched its UNI token with a massive airdrop. It distributed 400 UNI, which value is 16 K USD today, to all the users who used their protocol in the past. Can something similar happen in NFTs too?

What are NFT drops? 

An NFT drop is a commonly used expression for the date when a brand-new piece of art hits the public market. Basically, an NFT drop is the release of a new digital token for sale to investors. A big thing about NFT drops is that they can also be “sold” for free. 

They are often released as ‘drops’ because of the high demand of many types of NFT. You can compare this to events, when batches of tickets are often released at different times. This means a frenzied rush of eager buyers when the drop starts. So what you need to do ahead of time is to be registered and have your wallet topped up.

So automatically when you hear the term “NFT drop,” it refers to the date when a particular NFT becomes available for the investors to buy. According to the fact that the NFTs are unique, NFT investors might want to watch for upcoming NFT drops in order to be the first on the scene to try to buy.  

Where to see and buy upcoming NFT drops is the first calendar that shares releases about upcoming NFT events and the dates of new NFT drops.  

To buy NFT drops, you’ll need an NFT marketplace account. Some options are OpenSea, SuperRare, NBA Top Shot,, and NiftyGateway.

NiftyGiveaway is a successful platform that offers NFT Drops as well. You can buy nifties from drops that are sold directly by the creator. You can buy them here before they sell out – or purchase them from other users on the secondary marketplace.

Even The Weekend used the NiftyGiveway for his first NFT Drop and tweeted:

“Excited to announce that my first NFT drop is taking place on Saturday (March 3) at 2:00 pm EST on @niftygateway, The collection will feature new music and limited edition art. I developed the artwork with Strange Loop Studios.”

If you don´t want to miss sale of an unique Non-Fungible Token, NFT Drops are a great way to get it.


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