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The gaming industry, with the help of blockchain technology, is making huge progress in development. Traders are trading thousands of cryptocurrencies, but there is no broad knowledge about non – fungible tokens (NFTs). They can be the game-changer as many influencers as Gary Vaynerchuk or Mark Cuban are very interested.

What is a non-fungible token  (NFT)?

If the token is non-fungible, it is not interchangeable, unique, and non – divisible. You have 100% ownership of your NFT represented by a token you can store in your wallet, just like other cryptocurrencies. Possible to transfer, sell, and can be collateralized. The difference is that NFT’s have unique in-game characteristics and properties built-in.

Each NFT is valued differently. There is also an active digital marketplace when investors get involved. 

Instead of exchanging physical goods (for example as eBay), you’re exchanging digital items with different values. It’s based on what value people give them at the time. Some people focus on trading NFTs instead of trading cryptocurrencies.

New Pilot Game

There has been created a new 3D game Trade Race Manager running on the ETH network. The current IOI game will stay dedicated to Tron users, and TRX will become the only cryptocurrency.

One of the new Trade Race Manager’s main new features will be the NFTs, including one token economy with the IOI token.

The element structure is going to be as follows:

  • NFT cars
  • NFT team station
  • NFT tracks
  • NFT avatar

By playing the game, you unlock rare NFTs, and hence with every type, you will get more rewards.

The 3D custom car models are limited to 200 000 pieces for starters to have great collectable value.

It all comes down to a first-come-first-served basis.

I wouldn’t wait too long before getting your hands on our NFTs as they might be gone before you know it.

The cars will be available in bronze, silver, gold, and platinum editions, where each edition will contain six cars. Once you own the complete edition, you will get a BONUS rare car. It will increase your daily staking reward by 100%.

NFT cars

Play to earn NFTs : the more you play, the more you earn

You can unlock NFT cars playing IOI games. The levels start on 1000 IOI volume played for Tier 1 up to 2 Million IOI for Tier  24. IOI Is going to give more details later on. Collecting such NFTs will give you unlimited rewards.

What are the NFT car benefits?

  • You can use more cars in the same race and increase your winning chance
  • NFT staking can get you 24 % APY paid daily
  • Owning a rare car will increase your daily reward of 100%
  • Value appreciation as a rare collectible item
  • Selling opportunities on the open market

Let´s find out more about how much it is possible to benefit from collecting and playing the NFT game. The team believes that blockchain and its features, including NFTs, can bring much more than just amusement and entertainment to the whole gaming community.

Non-fungible tokens – cars

One of the new features of the Trade Race Manager are the NFTs. All cars will be 3D NFT cars and will come in several editions and tiers in limited numbers as mentioned above.

The top benefit besides the possibility of winning the race is the incorporated staking function. The more NFT cars you have, the more staking reward you will get.

The staking ranges are as follows:

  • cars in value range 100 – 1000 IOI earn 6% APY
  • cars in value range 1000 – 5000 IOI earn 12% APY
  • cars in value range 5000 – 10 000 IOI earn 18% APY
  • cars in value range above 10 000 IOI earn 24% APY

Playing the Trade Race Manager will give you several benefits in the form of unlimited rewards.

We are excited for the upcoming launch of the Trade Race Manager NFT game.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.