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Google Finance users will now be able to get a quick rundown of the top cryptocurrency prices with just one click as Google Finance has now added a crypto market tab to its business tool. 

The search engine has added a fifth “Crypto” tab on Google Finance.  The new section displays pricing information for various digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The page also allows a graphical comparison between the price action of the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies as well. 

The move is significant as millions of Google Finance users will now get a closer look at the cryptocurrency market. The event also hints that the internet giant might be slowly changing its tune regarding cryptocurrencies.

The growth of the cryptocurrency market over the past years has drawn mainstream attention. The institutional traders and major corporations, like Tesla, Mastercard, and Paypal, and their dynamic investment in cryptocurrencies have boosted the industry’s credibility. Their involvement in this emerging market helped push the industry’s total market capitalization to new highs beyond $1.7 trillion in February.

Google had cracked-down on cryptocurrency-related advertising and updated its financial services-related ad policies to ban any advertising about cryptocurrency-related content. Google also included initial coin offerings (ICOs), wallets, and trading advice.

Google’s concerns weren’t too erroneous.  There were also multiple reports of crypto-jacking malware attacks that secretly mine cryptocurrency by stealing the physical resources of a victim’s hardware facilitated by malicious apps on Google’s play store.

In 2020c crypto-related crimes have reduced markedly, and regulators have also called for clearer guidelines on digital assets. This could be the main reason why Google might be reconsidering their attitude regarding cryptocurrencies.


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