Hacker Attempts to Find Millions Lost in Bitcoin

White hat hacker expected to dig ‘millions’ in a lost Samsung phone. The phone user approached a white-hat hacker to help him recover the funds as he lost the “key pattern” to unlock his phone. The assets were locked inside a cryptocurrency wallet of his phone.

Joe Grand, a device hacker and software specialist renowned for finding cryptocurrencies in hard-to-reach places, spent several hours hacking into a phone and found a very little fraction of a Bitcoin.

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Grand outlined his trip across Portland to Seattle in a movie uploaded to the internet on Thursday in order to track down a Samsung (KS:005930) Galaxy SIII phone owned by the local bus driver Lavar Sanders which may hold „millions of dollars“ in Bitcoin (BTC). Sanders first acquired Bitcoin in July 2016 in a „very dodgy“ manner by paying a customer at a cafe and keeping the cryptocurrency on his phone in a wallet before placing the phone in the preservation and losing track of it.

Lavar could not remember the swipe password when he discovered the phone in 2021, but he did remember setting up an option to erase the information if too many unsuccessful tries were made. Grand and a friend connected after discovering Grand’s YouTube videos, which enabled the white hat hacker to make countless attempts to break into the device’s storage and recover the bitcoin.

After performing some micro-soldering, downloading the memory, and figuring out the Samsung’s swipe pattern for access, which was the letter „L,“ Lavar opened his MyCelium Bitcoin wallet and found only 0.00300861 BTC, which was worth only about $63 at the time of publication. That sum was approximately $105 somewhere at the time of publishing. Most of the $400 value of Bitcoin purchased by the driver during 2016 ended up going to BitBlender, a site for combining cryptocurrencies that were closed down in 2019. Grand was able to determine this afterward.

Lavar said, „I’m a little devastated. Although we didn’t make much money, we did make some new acquaintances.


Over the years, many cryptocurrency users have lost access to their wallets or other physical devices storing BTC. One of the most well-known cases is the Welsh guy who in 2013 tossed out a hard drive containing 7,500 Bitcoins, which are now worth more than $150 million. But in response, a large number of hackers and technicians with knowledge of crypto data recovery have appeared.

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