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For many people, NFT’s could mean quirky JPEGs that they’re flipping to make their living, but to others it might mean an entry to the world of digital art space. Hefty.Art has teamed up with the luxurious auction house, SoTheBy’s to make this a reality. Legendary Indian Artist, M.F Husain will be auctioning off this dearest ‘Fury’ from 2000 at the SoTheBy’s Modern and Contemporary South Asian Auction. Web3’s most discerning art space, Hefty.Art has made this possible with the first-ever phygital auction taking place at the premier fine art auction house. Husain’s physical artwork along with the NFT version will be auctioned to international bidders across the world. The auction will take place on 25th October 2022 and will coincide with the live auction at the SoTheBy’s London. Artworks worth $120,000 will be auctioned off in a single lot online with cryptocurrency payment modes. 

This auction will be one of the first auctions on providing a gateway to artists to showcase their artworks with the broader international art community worldwide. With NFTs, it aims to remove barriers and foster a more transparent relationship between artists, collectors and community. Hefty.Art aims to create a win-win atmosphere where creators get the freedom and recognition and owners get the authority they seek. 

Husain’s ‘Fury’ – A Visual Journey at SoTheBy’s

One of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century, M.F Husain’s journey from rags to riches is a manifestation of raw passion because of the hardships he faced. From grappling homeless to a furniture designer calling it quits to become an artist, there is a reason why M.F Husain is one of the most iconic artists of the decade. The series of horse paintings by Husain completed in Dubai are some of his globally recognized artworks. His works have also been extensively exhibited at international institutions. 

Moreover, auctioning ‘Fury’ at the SoTheBy’s premier auction house fits in right considering the artist’s triumphs and successful career. The renowned auction house is known for leading auctions worth $100 million in sales. It has also conducted auctions for NFT artworks including the auction of a CryptoPunk for a whopping $11.8 million and a BoredApe for $3.4 million. Previously, SoTheBy’s also launched its state of art marketplace, The Metaverse in a quest to drive additional sales. 

Hefty.Art has been working with a laser focused vision to create a strong foundation for traditional artists to explore the Web3 realms. Credits to Hefty.Art’s successful stint involves the support from Polygon, the leading Ethereum scaling solution and EDAO, a creator focused DAO working towards bringing creators and brands to launch in the Web3 space. 


The discerning art space intends to bring more recognized creators and artists to launch in the digital art landscape in the years to come. 

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