Heroes Lineage: The Coolest Multiplayer NFT Game of 2022

Quick Summary

  • Heroes Lineage is a medieval multiplayer NFT RPG featuring immersive gameplay, great designs and play-to-earn model.

Gaming continues to flourish despite a strong bear market in the whole crypto industry. One of the latest projects getting a lot of attention is Heroes Lineage, an upcoming blockchain game with fantastic design and gameplay. So what is Heroes Lineage? 

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Heroes Lineage Explained

Heroes Lineage is a medieval multiplayer RPG NFT game with a fantasy premise that emphasizes tactical fighting and group content. Heroes Lineage consists of a cutting-edge ecosystem where investors with little or no time can make a significant contribution by buying infrastructure (castles and catacombs) that will be used by the majority of players for the mutual profit of both sides.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a casual player, or just an investor, there’s room for you in Heroes Lineage! Heroes Lineage wants to revolutionize the industry by bringing the most immersive gameplay, cool NFT Heroes, and the possibility to play and earn in the long term. 

To enter the game, you will need at least 4 heroes and can have a maximum of 32 heroes that may be upgraded and combined over time. The goal is to develop your heroes and reach their maximum potential both in team and level to reach the top level zones, also known as end-game. The end-game is the most challenging and difficult content of the game, but at the same time, it will give you the best rewards. 

You will have to progress through the different areas of the world while gaining equipment and experience rewards. The game will feature PvE and PvP for single-player and group play. This means that having a varied combination of heroes to alternate in your battle group will be advantageous for certain situations. In addition, leveling up several characters will open up a new range of possibilities.

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Heroes Types

There are 4 main classes of heroes (Knight, Warrior, Mage, and Priest) at the moment, and each class has 2 subclasses. There are also 6 possible rarities (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic). All heroes start on level 1 and may progress up to level 20. The higher the hero’s rarity, the higher the rewards in the game. Heroes will evolve while leveling up, as seen in the picture below.

Hero progression

If you consider yourself a passionate gamer and a blockchain enthusiast, this is the best chance to try out one of the latest NFT games. Early adopters and users always have the most benefits, so don’t hesitate and download the game on the links below and test it out yourself.

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Click here to download Heroes Lineage on Windows

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