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Mint-hunting in the realm of NFTs often resembles a gold fever. An immense hype, scarce data and fidgety decisions as new projects emerge with promises of uniqueness, value, and community engagement. Sounds familiar? Ditch the guessing game and dive into what we found the hottest NFT mints in January. Among the latest contenders, three projects stand out: Play Ember, Age of Dino and Citizen Zero. Let’s assess the upcoming NFT mints, exploring potential risks and rewards.

The most valuable nft mints in january 2024

Play Ember: Stats, Transparency, and a Free Ride

Meet Emby, the inaugural collection from Playember, featuring 2,750 unique 3D characters that serve as your companions in the expansive casual gaming ecosystem. 

Playember is a premier web3 casual game studio with a stellar track record, backed by a team that boasts over 5 million monthly players and an impressive 120 million downloads across their mobile games. Their title Emby will be also featured on Nintendo Switch, Roblox, and more platforms according to the developers. 

Play Ember enters the scene with solid statistics, boasting 120 million downloads and 50 games already shipped. The founder’s adept handling of criticism on Twitter adds a layer of transparency and confidence. The offer of a free minting experience sweetens the deal for potential participants.

However, the secondary market poses a significant risk, considering the influx of new mints and limited liquidity. The true test for Play Ember lies in avoiding the temptation to leverage a high floor price into an overpriced second mint.

Age of Dino: Riding the Overworld Hype

Age of Dino (AOD), an immersive Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy game, has recently secured an impressive ten million in seed funding. This significant investment comes from reputable industrial investing institutions, with a detailed list of investors and the exact amount set to be revealed in an upcoming press release at the end of this month.

Gamephilos Studio, the creative force behind Age of Dino, is a collaborative gaming studio formed through a powerful partnership between industry giants Funplus and Xterio. The development teams comprise seasoned gaming experts, boasting previous experience with renowned companies such as Netease, Zynga, Funplus, ByteDance, and Blizzard Entertainment.

Capitalizing on the overworld hype, Age of Dino employs strategic tactics, including a fair Dutch auction and token airdrops for all bidders. The project’s popularity in the East suggests a solid fanbase, a crucial factor in the growing influence of Asia in web3 adoption.

While the quality of the PFPS is commendable, the aesthetics may not translate well on social media platforms like Twitter. Winners might not experience substantial multiples on their purchase, but the project’s alignment with the overworld hype and its Eastern fanbase contribute to its appeal.

Citizen Zero: A Founders’ collection free mint

Empowered by a diverse team comprising over 60 industry experts and passionate gaming enthusiasts, QORPO Game Studio is in the process of crafting a groundbreaking blockchain ecosystem. Boasting an impressive user base exceeding 450,000 and a collaboration with over 30 innovative gaming guilds and esports teams, QORPO Game Studio stands as a Web3-democratizing powerhouse.

At the forefront of success are QORPO Game Studio’s highly acclaimed intellectual properties (IPs), including the esports-centric hero shooter, Citizen Conflict, and the captivating creature extraction shooter, AneeMate. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, QORPO Game Studio is redefining the gaming landscape and establishing itself as a key player in the Web3 era.

Right now, Citizen Conflict is offering a unique option on how to become a holder of their most valuable NFT collection and gain founder’s privilege. Holders can expect a myriad of rewards, including a guaranteed $QORPO Airdrop, the Founders’ Collection’s symbolic significance, DAO governance rights, an in-game NFT character, ecosystem rewards, and frequent season skin drops. With only 2,222 pieces in existence, each boasting super high rarity, this Ethereum-based free mint adds an extra layer of exclusivity to the Citizen Zero NFT collection.


As the NFT space continues to expand, participants must tread carefully, evaluating upcoming mints based on various factors. Play Ember’s solid statistics and transparency offer a promising start, but the secondary market poses challenges. Age of Dino, riding the overworld hype, benefits from a robust fanbase but may lack the Twitter appeal. Finally, Citizen Zero brims over with unprecedented utilities but its longevity is yet to be revealed.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.