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Quick Summary:

  • Learning web3 development is attracting a lot of attention and becoming an attraction for coding geeks due to job opportunities.

What is Web3

Web3 has been around for almost a decade now and its popularity is at its peak. After the success of Web2, Web3 is the new version of the internet inclusive of decentralization, blockchain technologies, and NFTs.

 Web3 is being considered the future of the internet as it offers decentralization, allowing users to have more control over which services they access. In this way, it will revolutionize businesses by providing them transparent and user-centered approach.

Web3 might be the next thing but it is still in its early stages as compared to web2. Web3 with a total market cap of $27.5, which is just a fraction of the market value of web2. Looking at these numbers, web3 still has growth potential and offers a huge opportunity for beginners to choose it as a career option. So here we provide a guide for beginners to learn web3 development.

How to learn Web3 development?

Follow Web Developers on Twitter

Learning web3 development requires knowing what experienced developers are doing, and which tools they are using. Most blockchain experts consistently share their experience and knowledge through tweets. Twitter also keeps you aware of ongoing trends in the blockchain industry.

Subscribe to YouTube channels and newsletters

 Many experienced blockchain experts on YouTube create videos and tutorial that helps viewers how to learn blockchain and web3 development. They create all kinds of videos including coding as well as creating and developing web3 projects free of cost.

Sign up for web3 development courses

Learning from experienced and skilled developers through courses can help the beginner to learn skills and gain knowledge about crypto projects. They offer free and paid courses to help you get started with developing skills.

Join a Discord server

Discord is a popular chatting app for gamers mostly but you can also find and join developer’s communities there. These Discord communities help you to interact with experts allowing you to interact and participate in different projects. Discord profile links are usually attached to social media platforms of major web3 projects.

Join Web3 Hackathons

Hackathons are web3 coding events in which different developers and experts collaborate and work together to polish their developing skills. These events offer different kinds of competitions and award the developers with the best projects.


Learning Web3 development can be tricky for absolute newbies, however, if you have a programming background, it is achievable. No need to pay tuition fees, the content is available online.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.