Huobi Listed IOI Token – $250,000 Rewards

When prominent cryptocurrency exchanges like Huobi lists new crypto, mostly it means the project is great and people can expect more price growth. IOI token is already available on well-known exchanges such as KuCoin and Gate, decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and Pancakeswap, and now even Huobi!

Get 55,000 IOI and 100% APY

Traders and participants can get their hands on 55,000 IOI tokens in total in the upcoming weeks. Traders who send their IOI tokens from other exchanges to Huobi on November 24 can win from a prize pool of 4,400 IOI tokens (approx. $20k). Another prize pool will be divided among traders on December 1, and it will be even more – 6,600 IOI tokens (approx. $30k) in total! You get rewarded just for hodling! 

Then there is a trading competition and traders of IOI will share 22,000 IOI tokens. Do you want to know more? Find more information here.

Available Pairs For Trading



Huobi listing offers a possibility to buy IOI in two main ways. If you have Bitcoin, you can buy IOI/BTC and if you own USDT, you can buy IOI/USDT. BTC brings the token closer to Bitcoin’s long-term hodlers and maximalists. The USDT pair as the most popular choice will increase token stability and multiply the base of hodlers.

New Era For IOI

Historically speaking, IOI had a 6-figure volume most of the time and oscillated between prices $2-$3 for a long time. However, it was able to break through the important resistance and grow to almost $6 in a matter of few days and the volume spiked to more than $5 million. The IOI is a token of the whole Qorpo ecosystem – two NFT metaverse games and an NFT marketplace and it’s only starting to show its potential and utility. 

A lot of cryptocurrency traders noticed the surging popularity of IOI and want to be a part of it. Now they trade it and post technical analyses in their telegram channels or on Twitter. Some of the known traders are Alex Clay, Cyber David Trading, Crypto Husky, Daniel Ramsey or Oliver’s Trade.

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