Infected Mob: Experimental NFT Project On Solana

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  • Infected Mob is a precedent NFT project of a well-known Robot Mafia Club that is launching soon. It will run on the Solana blockchain with a very limited quantity.

The NFT world deserves more originality and innovative ideas. That’s why we’d like to present you with a new NFT project that is pushing the boundaries of art. It’s called Infected Mobs, and it’s something you’ve never seen before.

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Infected Mob NFTs

Infected Mob is a new NFT project that is planning to launch on the Solana blockchain soon, and it’s considered Genesis 2 as it’s another NFT collection of Robot Mafia Club (RMC). There’s a lot of mystery and hype around this project and the price with supply is still yet to be announced (TBA). As mentioned, Infected Mob is a new project of a very successful NFT project, so there is a high chance this one will be a success as well!

The minting date is happening in a few days, and one NFT will cost 777 native tokens of this project, $ROBO tokens. The vision of Infected Mob is to set a higher standard for Solana Art. Combined with the project’s in-house utilities and current relationships, they can bridge new IRL Artists to the NFT world, specifically Solana, to grow the RMC Creative Collective.

Robot Mafia Club (RMC)

Robot Mafia Club is a collection of 777 lawless mobsters running the undergrounds of the Solana blockchain. They’re feared among the public, they thrive on corruption, and the police are in their pockets. Get in their way, and they’ll dump you on some roadside without remorse. Everything comes down to loyalty and honor. There are limited places in the circle. 

Robot Mafia Club is a precedent project of Infected Mob, with a very limited supply of 777 NFTs that were minted at the beginning of 2022, at a price of 1 SOL per one NFT. The total trading volume on these NFTs on OpenSea is more than 11.5k+ SOL, and 12k+ SOL on MagicEden to this day. 


If there’s a way to catch a great NFT project, it’s taking part in those with very limited quantity and with the team having experience in past successful NFT projects. Will Infected Mob be as successful as Robot Mafia Club? What do you think? 

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