Kalao – Perfect Combination of NFTs & VR

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  • Kalao is an NFT ecosystem built on Avalanche blockchain. Kalao wants to accelerate the adoption of VR technology and combine it with their NFT marketplace. 
  • Users can showcase their NFT collections in a 3D NFT gallery. Kalao also plans to build a metaverse called “The Citadel” where people can buy or rent lands, hang out with people, etc.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a term used for longer than non-fungible token (NFT) and now there is a project that wants to bring those two together. If you find yourself looking for interesting projects that are still at their beginnings, you might be at the right place here. Kalao is one of the new companies with a low market cap, but high goals and potential. Let’s dive in.

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Kalao Combines NFTs & VR

Kalao is an NFT ecosystem built on Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain. Kalao wants to accelerate the adoption of VR technology and combines its own VR showroom with DeFi capabilities on its NFT marketplace. On the Kalao NFT marketplace, users can create, sell, purchase and collect NFTs. 

Moreover, users can also showcase their NFT collections in a personalized 3D NFT gallery. By using Avalanche as its blockchain of choice, Kalao offers fast and secure transactions at low fees. Kalao also aims to integrate NFTs into real-world use cases by enabling users to exhibit their art, sell luxury goods through the marketplace, or even use it as an event ticketing framework. 

virtual showroom by Kalao

In the future, Kalao plans to build a metaverse called “The Citadel,” where users can buy or rent lands, promote their businesses, or invite people over for a virtual hangout. Kalao definitely stands out from the crowd with its goal to create a fully decentralized, scalable low-cost NFT marketplace. 

Unlike many other marketplaces, Kalao offers VR technology to augment and improve the user experience. Its Kalao Gallery is a VR gallery where visitors can immerse themselves in art exhibitions, concerts, and more. All of Kalao’s virtual galleries will be supported on PC, as well as on mobile.

Token Information (KLO)

Kalao project has its own cryptocurrency KLO that’s tradable since September. It’s a new project with a current market cap of around $24 million and a max supply of 500,000,000 tokens. KLO is available to trade at Gate exchange or other small exchanges and has a daily trading volume of $1+ million. We think this project has great potential and could easily become the next 10x token. 


The market is full of new NFTs and marketplaces. Kalao is coming in with the huge competition, however, the great combination of VR and NFTs is special and looks like a great way to connect art with technology. The ability to view art with a VR headset will be something truly amazing. 

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