Luna-Pad: The Next-Gen Multi Chain Launchpad

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  • Luna-Pad is the next-gen launchpad supporting multiple chains but mainly BSC and Terra. Luna-Pad plans to incorporate multiple use cases in the platform, such as mobile wallet supporting credit/debit cards, or dApps.

The cryptocurrency world is full of new interesting companies and one of the cryptos that are leading in innovations is Terra (LUNA). The ecosystem of LUNA is growing rapidly and projects follow Terra, and one of these projects is Luna-Pad, a fast-growing platform with several use cases. So, what is LunaPad? 

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What’s Luna-Pad?

Luna-Pad is a peer to peer (P2P) innovative Launchpad to launch new projects in the TerraLuna ecosystem & Binance smart chain Luna-Pad comes up with the most transformative technologies since the Terra ecosystem adoption is increasing massively. Luna-Pad stands firmly in support to give exposure to the upcoming projects willing to join Terra and BSC ecosystem. Luna-Pad gives liberty to its investors to participate in a token sale conducted by Luna-Pad on its Launchpad.

Luna-Pad plans to integrate multiple use cases such as Launchpad (including TerraLuna & BSC ecosystem), mobile wallet, Terra dApps and credit/debit card system. The launchpad on the Terra blockchain is the main goal. Other aims of the Luna-pad include a mobile wallet that enables credit card or debit card from VISA or Mastercard payments. Their system should also be compatible with dApps on the TerraLuna ecosystem.

Since the Terra ecosystem’s usage is skyrocketing, Luna-Pad came up with the most innovative and transformative technologies. Luna-Pad is a strong supporter of exposing new initiatives that want to join the Terra and BSC ecosystems. The project allows its investors to participate in the token sale that Luna-Pad holds on its Launchpad.

Token Information (LUNAPAD)

LUNAPAD is the native token for the Luna-Pad platform running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) smart contract. There’s a total and maximum supply of 100 million tokens with approximately 5 million of them in circulation. LUNAPAD is considered a low cap gem with a regular 6-figure trading volume. The token is currently listed on CoinTiger, PancakeSwap and LBank exchange. 


Launching your own project is becoming easier and more available thanks to innovative platforms like Luna-Pad, however, there are many other important factors that people need to watch out for before just “launching their own project”. 

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