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Mad Metaverse, an upcoming multiplayer online game built on Ethereum, is preparing a massive airdrop of $10 million worth of the in-game currency, $BIOMETA, alongside 10,200 NFTs from one of their collections: MAD Metacells.

The airdrop starts on Sept. 9th and continues with the Metacell Free Mint on Sept. 30th. Users must register to the MAD Whitelist at  to participate, giving them exclusive access to the $BIOMETA Giveaway, the MAD Metacells Free Mint, Metascientists Mint and a lot more.

MAD Metaverse is a gamified DeFi ecosystem where you can enhance the performance, rarity and value of your NFTs. The main value proposition comes from their dynamic and evolving NFTs. Users will be able to create living digital organisms, evolve NFTs, fight against other players, and collect $BIOMETA, the most precious resource in the MAD Metaverse. 

The game focuses on the concept of Evolving NFTs, presenting players with three playable NFTs: MAD Metascientists, MAD Metacells, and MAD Nanocells. These are self-aware organisms whose attributes and artwork can evolve over time in response to gameplay and therefore increase in value. It also features 3 Play&Earn Environments where you’ll be able to earn crypto and NFTs: The Lab, NanoWars & MAD Metaverse.

Of special mention is a unique feature called Host Protocol. The Host Protocol allows users to use their 3rd-party NFTs in the Lab to make experiments on their Metacells, creating special evolutions and mutations, further contributing to increasing the value and rarity of their NFTs. 

Self-Aware, Evolving NFT Avatars

The MAD Metascientists are the main characters of the MAD Metaverse. Featuring unique artwork and audio rarity, they come with a spin: they are self-aware NFTs that come in various forms, from bizarre creatures to cybernetic robots and more, and have multiple attributes that evolve and increase in value through time. 

By owning 1 one of the 10,200 MAD Metascientists, users will have access to the in-game lab in which they will use $BIOMETA (ERC-20) as their main resource to create living digital organisms called MAD Metacells. These living creatures can help users to search and harvest more $BIOMETA.

Moreover, MAD Metacells can evolve into a new species of their own, the MAD Nanocells. These Metacell’s soldiers are equipped with arms and robust tracking and mapping capabilities to freely roam the MAD Metaverse in search of more $BIOMETA and defend themselves against other players within the game.

Introducing New Gameplay Mechanics To Web3 Gaming

The game plans to bring an incentive/reward model and new gameplay mechanics to engage users in an immersive, collaborative ecosystem. The team has partnered with top-tier game developers such as Kevuru Games. 

According to the team, there will only be 10,200 MAD Metascientists, but those who manage to get their hands on one of them will be superior compared to other players, as the MAD Metascientists have a better set of skills and attributes and can generate better returns over time. Moreover, those who mint a Metascientist will get one Metacell as bonus as soon as The Lab is released.

The game plans to bring support for multiple blockchains over time, including integrations with Solana and Polygon, to create a broader cross-chain ecosystem for players.

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