Can You Make $20 Million With $20 From Crypto Trading?

Can you make $20 million with only a $20 portfolio from crypto trading? The right question is how?  As all of us know, the crypto market is quite speculative and volatile. One minute it is touching new heights and in others, it is going down. Crypto trading can be challenging in many ways and when you start, it’s a whole different ball game. Crypto trading can leave you with mental exhaustion, feeling wiped out, and confused. 

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Think Like A Successful Trader

Thinking is what separates a novice trader from a successful trader. We have enough success stories to know the thinking of a successful trader. We have designed a list of what successful crypto traders think. Let’s take a look at them.

  • They believe they can remain detached from the crypto market which is of utmost importance when the crypto market is consolidating.
  • The Crypto market has no emotion so to become a successful trader you should also have control over your emotions.
  • They also believe that being good at market analysis will not create more wins for you. 

Actually, the psychological reaction to the crypto market is the main key to success. A lot of time and effort is required to develop such a mindset. So, there’s no need to beat yourself up when things go pear-shaped.

How To Develop Such A Mindset?

As we have discussed earlier, it will take a lot of time and effort to develop such a mindset that can help you to be a successful trader. Are you ready to commit to the work needed to develop a mindset for trading cryptocurrencies? If yes, then continue to read.

  • The trading routine is what determines whether you’re going to be a successful trader or not. It’s all very well rocking up to your trading platform when you feel like it. Start your daily trading routine with quiet time. Try to remove distractions like your mobile phone and your social media alerts.
  • Try to learn about the crypto market and how all of this works. Do thorough research and read books to know what successful people have done.
  • Keeping a record of your trades is also important. Write down all of your emotions about the trade and then forget about it. Learn from previous failures and then go with a new mindset into the trading.


Patience is the key to trading in cryptocurrency. Do not be afraid to miss any deal – the market is so big and developing that there will be enough money for everyone. However, remember that it is easy to make money on the market, but it’s hard to keep what you have earned. Do not let greed get over you. I will repeat once again: there will always be cryptocurrency, ready to fly like a rocket! 

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