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Quick Summary

  • Metaclub Society is one of the most successful NFT projects of the year. They are building a metaverse where they will deploy the biggest entertainment ecosystem with a special party-to-earn feature that allows earning while partying in the metaverse. Famous celebrities like Scott Storch, Lil Pump and Soulja Boy joined the Metaclub, and the list keeps growing.

Most NFT projects keep it simple. They create some artworks, juicy roadmap, and utilities that attract people to their project. However, Metaclub Society didn’t just create NFT artworks but they’re actually disrupting the entertainment and music industry in a cool way!

Metaclub Society Explained

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First of all, Metaclub Society is a very successful NFT collection. There are 6,000 Metaclubbers, metaverse-ready 3D avatars made up of more than 250 high-fashion features. In the metaverse, they’ll represent the wildest version of you. The whole collection is running on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and it can be used to party and earn with their famous party-to-earn feature. 

Metaclub will be home to many events and concerts in the metaverse that you will be able to attend with their NFT. Each Metaclubber NFT provides its owner access to a network of like-minded visionaries as well as the Metaverse’s whole entertainment sector. NFT holders can profit by partying and having a good time with celebrities and well-known DJs in both metaverse parties and real-life parties in premium locations around the world.

Celebrities Love Metaclub Society

When you look for value in some NFT projects, there should be some utility and influential people behind the project. Metaclub Society is home to many celebrities that endorse this project, including big names like Jason Derulo, Soulja Boy, SmokePurpp, Lil Pump, Scott Storch and many more! 

Imagine your favorite artist will throw a concert but you can’t come to see it. The problem is solved with the Metaclub Society in an instant. Besides real concerts, artists and musicians can now throw big-ass parties in the metaverse in a cool environment and great-looking avatars. 

Project’s Utilities

  • Party-to-earn feature is one of the newest innovations in the metaverse industry presented by the Metaclub Society. Earn rewards by partying and being a community member 
  • The project will organize special private events and parties for its NFT holders in the world’s biggest cities. Mansion parties, Yacht Parties, Nightclubs… Get ready to have fun!
  • Metaclub is a Decentralized Event Organization (DEO) where members can vote on important decisions related to the project’s expansion
  • Futuristic night clubs, casinos, live shows 
  • Special merch designed by visionary fashion designers
  • Metaclub will support donations chosen by the community

The Evolution Of Metaclubbers

Last winter, Metaclub Society opened its doors to organize the biggest parties ever. The opening night was more than intense and 9,999 Metaclubbers were able to party like never before. It was wild! Everyone was going crazy and substances of all kinds were consumed without limits! However, a specific fluid, very different from the others, was far more popular…

This unknown substance has created a wave of excitement amongst some Metaclubbers, making them go out of control. Everyone who didn’t use it managed to leave the club safely. As a result, only 6000 Metaclubbers were found alive. Now, everyone calls them “Genesis”.

Some are under heavy protection, others are wandering in the OpenSea. Those able to rescue them will not be forgotten. These Metaclubbers are the very essence of Metaclub Society. The 6000 are the last ones left and they’re essential elements for the future of the Metaclub. Nothing will ever replace them as they will give their protectors an unfair advantage.

New Collection Released: The Hyperclubbers!

After selling out their first collection of 6000 Metaclubbers, Metaclub Society just released a new collection with a limited supply of 2000 Hyperclubbers. You will be able to mint them directly from Metaclub’s website in different phases. Existing Metaclubbers holders and people in the Whitelist will get access to the Hyperclubbers in priority. The Mint is happening soon, so make sure to join their Discord and register to their Whitelist!

All the details about the Minting phases, including the supply of each phase, the dates and the prices will be announced soon. The Hyperclubbers will give you access to the same utilities as the Metaclubbers, however, you will also get EXPONENTIAL PERKS by holding 2 Metaclubbers and 1 Hyperclubber. These extra perks will be both in Metaclub Society Metaverse and DEO.


Metaclub Society is definitely one of the most promising NFT projects that came to life recently and we think their main success is still on the way. Were you lucky enough to grab your Metaclub NFT to be part of this amazing journey? 

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sources: metaclubsociety, opensea, allhiphop

author: Rene Remsik

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.