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Treeverse is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) combined with a cooperative environment with players joining hands to win fights and venture on quest missions. The game combines GameFi, social characteristics, and prominence in combined gameplay to a unique experience for its players.

Treeverse is a project developed by Endless Clouds Studio and mainly offered 3 products in the game:

  • NFTs
  • Token
  • Item ( Bonus )

In one product there are several other types.

Treeverse Trailer:

Overview: AAA Game Treeverse

AAA Game Treeverse is a free-to-play multiplayer battle game that also adds some valuable NFTs to increase the game’s traction. The game is supported by a rich mythical lore of an Arboros continent, in the city of Elderwall. As the journey begins, the players will face off against different foes, challenges, tasks, and quests on these virtual lands protected by world trees and other creatures.

The in-game marketplace of the Treeverse is, like any other blockchain game, a main attraction for players playing for digital collectibles. Players will be able to upgrade the following traits of their playable characters.

  • Melee
  • Range
  • Magic
  • Crafting
  • Mining
  • Woodcutting
  • Fishing

The Pre-Alpha version of the game was launched as the year began and the game development team’s prime focus is to move the game to the Alpha stage with new features like pets, NPCs, an in-game shop, seasonal events, and more.


The whitepaper of the Treeverse has not been released yet but here is what information the platform has revealed so far. Treeverse follows a dual economy model where it uses $ROOT and $SEED tokens, each meant for different utilities.

  • $ROOT will be the governance token.
    • NFTrees can bear and sell fruits for $SEED, priced by the owner.
      • 90% goes to the NFTree owner, and 10% will be burnt.
  • $SEED will be the P2E token
    • The funding round was possibly based on this token (SAFT).

More information and further tokenomics details are expected to release soon.

Treeverse Collections: 

Treeverse offers 3 kinds of main collections:

  1.  NFTs

  2. Virtual Land Plots

  3. Timeless CCO

NFTs: NFTrees

NFTrees are the main collectible NFTs of the AAA game Treeverse ecosystem. NFTrees are Ethereum-based NFTs, only 2% listed on Opensea, with a floor price of 9 ETH. These virtual trees produce fruits that can be sold to other players for $ROOT tokens and earn potential money. These fruits give minor temporary buffs when consumed by the in-game characters.

Virtual Land Plots:

Players and virtual landlords buy these Treeverse plots and build their worlds on them. There is a total of 10400 plots based on Ethereum with a floor price of 0.39 ETH. Landlords can rent out these plots to other players who can build their own worlds on them.

Timeless CCO:

Timeless is an anime collection of cosmetic characters that are basically CCO in nature. By definition, a CC0 NFT is a Creative Commons Zero NFT in which the intellectual property rights of a work of digital content have been relinquished. These characters can be used in many virtual worlds including Treeverse.  The floor price of these characters is 0.21 ETH on Opensea, with only 1% listed on the marketplace so far.


Treeverse has placed itself among the most anticipated games with a huge success in the digital items’ valuation. The game is in pre-alpha and its NFTs, virtual land plots and timeless characters beat many blue-chip NFTs. However, since not all the digital items are listed on the marketplace and the game is still in its pre-alpha phase, it is difficult to determine the full extent of Treeverse’s potential.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.