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Quick Summary

  • The Culture Cards is a collection of authenticated NFTs featuring people that shaped the hip hop culture. There’s an upcoming drop happening this Friday and it’s featuring two of the most legendary Hip Hop groups ever – Dogg Pound and Onyx.

CEO and founder of Culture Shock Galeries and international talent agent Marion Frederic Madzimba, aka “Fred Frenchy,” is the brains behind The Culture Cards project, which infuses Hip Hop culture into the blockchain and Web3 world by introducing the First mainstream Hip Hop Fantasy Game and Metaverse powered by officially licensed & collectible NFT trading cards. 

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The Culture Cards (TCC)

The Culture Cards is an ever-expanding collection of authenticated NFT collectible trading cards featuring the people that have shaped & influenced global hip hop culture since its inception. The collection’s 3rd drop is this Friday, February 11th at 11:00 am PST featuring two of the most legendary and accomplished Hip Hop groups ever, Dogg Pound and Onyx that you can check out and Mint Live on

Owning a culture card doubles as your membership and grants you access to;

  • TCC’s upcoming hip hop fantasy game & metaverse grants access to members-only benefits, unlockable rewards, and prizes for playing. 
  • The Culture Business Club is a members-only club of NFT holders and architects/pioneers of the Culture. It consists of Bi-weekly virtual meetings via zoom to bounce ideas back and forth on pushing our Community forward.

Each culture card is provably scarce and features a unique points system based on criteria specially developed in counsel with hip hop industry veterans to provide utility value within TCC’s game. These include lyrics, flow, stage performance, swag, cultural impact, & more. 

Roadmap, Incentives & Rewards

Quality comes first, collaborating with iconic personalities that shaped global Hip-Hop culture intending to make our first few drops as successful as possible, so we can have the freedom to develop The TCC Fantasy Game and Metaverse.

We also have a focus on giving back. With the “Culture Community Wallet”, a portion of each sale gets helping pioneers and architects of the culture, many of whom need support. We assist in health care, legal, lodging, general support, etc.

source: theculturecards


TCC has potential as a physical product. We are passionate about bringing our project to life with high-quality materials. After several talks with famous artists, we are currently working on some concepts you will see soon.


We have formed a partnership to integrate Culture Coin across our ecosystem that unlocks the best of The Culture. Hip-Hop culture and creativity combined with crypto is a powerful force that can reshape how mainstream consumers identify and communicate value online.

CultureCoin holders gain priority access to official TCC drops and unlock special perks and coveted experiences with our celebrity partners. It won’t stop there. TCC has big plans for the future and development as new tech and ideas come to light.


We’re still working on several game theory factors, as well as a lot of new and potentially ground-breaking concepts to make the Fantasy Game a reality. Further details and timelines for launch will be announced to our community as soon as the project’s quality and technical aspects become finalized and once we’ve successfully sold out our debut collections with some of the biggest names in hip hop history and present.


A very different drop in Stage 4 aims to develop the foundation and building blocks to create and enlarge the first hip-hop metaverse. The metaverse amplifies the utility value of TCC and provides increased benefits in the form of virtual experiences and income opportunities. 

We genuinely want to blend artistic disciplines, move beyond our graphic style, and look outside our comfort zone to imagine how the world of hip hop and hip hop culture can evolve into virtual experiences.


Upon completion of these stages, we’ll take care of maintaining and expanding the TCC Universe. Our team consists of seasoned executives across the music, technology, and design industries, and we are genuinely passionate about hip-hop.

We’re excited about where the future takes us! We will continue to innovate and disrupt the hip-hop industry with plans to expand into RNB & International. We desire to make our IP more impressive and ambitious. This is only the beginning of what we believe will change the hip-hop industry for the better and forever.

Learn more and join the TCC Community:




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author: Rene Remsik

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.