NFT Punks Also Succeeded On Solana Blockchain

Quick Summary

  • SolPunks is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Solana blockchain with a defined rarity system. More than 418k SOL tokens (around $57 million) were traded on Solanart platform on this NFT project.

Anyone who knows non-fungible tokens (NFTs) must know Crypto Punks that are the pioneers of NFT concept. That project started it all and now there are tons of variations. SolPunks are not associated with Crypto Punks, they just took the whole concept and applied it to Solana that is the latest booming network for NFTs.

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SolPunks Explained

SolPunks is one of the very first NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Each of these 10,000 SolPunks has attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system. There are three different categories: the SolPunks types, attributes count, and the kind of attributes.


This NFT collection has had a trading volume of more than 418,000 Solana tokens (SOL) since its launch (more than $57 million at the time of writing!) according to Solanart’s website, and the floor price for 1 SolPunk is 5.9 SOL (approximately $800). 

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Those who decided to mint didn’t know which SolPunk they’re getting until the purchase was complete. The identity of the SolPunks remained a mystery until users bought these NFTs. SolPunks is amongst the best-selling NFT project on Solana to this day! 

Benefits of SolPunk Ownership

  • a unique avatar to be used everywhere to stand out on the Solana blockchain
  • you become SolPunk collector and buy, sell or trade safely
  • being a part of the community of the Solana blockchain project that went viral


SolPunks used the trend of NFTs and applied it to another booming network, Solana. This concept helped SolPunks to generate millions of dollars in primary and secondary sales combined and made the project notable. Will there be some other Punk project created on a different blockchain soon? 

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