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Quick Introduction

The Nyan Heroes robotics play-to-earn game brings a unique twist to sci-fi and futuristic gaming in the metaverse. With the alpha release set for 2023, multiplayer games lovers may need to gear up for a new experience as the game features a 60-person third-party shooter (TPS) game mode. The Nyan Heroes project leverages various gaming technologies and Solana blockchain technology to deliver this interesting storyline that both entertains and raises awareness about the environment. It’s the story of heroic cats controlling high-tech guardian robots in a futuristic universe. Players combat negative forces, collect valuable items, and become the heroes that saved the world. The central goal is to prevent decadence in the land and restore normalcy. 

Basic Overview

The Nyan Heroes project started with a small core team. Over the years, the team has grown to include highly placed gaming experts, developers, promoters, and investors. The team had the vision to create a revolutionary gaming project that would change the world. Their grand idea was to create a unique game project that blends gaming technology with a community platform where users interact, transact, and collaborate without exiting the interface. Out of that idea came the Nyan Heroes game. The Core Team include:

  • MAX FU – Chief Executive Officer
  • HALUK DIRIKER – Game Director
  • JOHN WALSH – Development Director
  • HUY TRUONG – Marketing Director
  • NAYEF ZARROUR – Operations Director
  • GIDEON GYABAAH – Technical Director 
  • HOA DUON – Lead Economist 

A complete list of all 40 employees at Nyan Heroes on LinkedIn:

NFT Assets

Nyan Heroes players collect the Nyan Heroes pass, which is also called the Genesis Nyan NFTs. There are five types of Genesis Nyan, and only 11,111 pieces of the items exist within the game. Holding one of these grants players access to several game benefits. The type of benefits each player enjoys depends on the quality of Genesis NFTs or Genesis Nyan acquired. 

Genesis Nyan, in order of rarity:

  • Common 
  • Uncommon 
  • Rare 
  • Ultra rare
  • Legendary 

The in-game $CNTP and rewards earned are subject to the type of Genesis Nyan each player holds. Players in the free gaming mode can expect to earn much lesser rewards than players holding the legendary Genesis Nyan. Another interesting twist to the Nyan Heroes gaming experience is the diversified marketplace. Players can buy and sell up to 14 different types of in-game items. Everything imaginable can be offered for sale. Weapons, lands, buildings, parts, etc are some items you’ll find in the Nyan Heroes marketplace. Besides sales, Nyan Heroes also supports rentals. Players with limited resources can leverage others players’ warchest. The rewards from the rentals are automatically shared among all the players involved in the contact. 




Nyan Heroes aims at creating an AAA in-game economy that leverages the efficiency of the Solana blockchain. The team chose Solana because of its speed, sustainability, and security. Nyan Heroes features two tokens: $NYN and $CTNP. The $NYN is the standard token used by the gaming community for payout, governance and contracts, and it has a maximum volume of 1 billion tokens. The $CTNP token works as an in-game token. It has unlimited supply and can be used for all types of in-game transactions and rewards. 

$NYN Token Distribution 

  • 24.5% of the tokens will be paid to investors.
  • 0.5% is reserved for the DAO community.
  • 20% will be kept for the core team.
  • 5% will be made available for public sales.
  • 4% is meant for liquidity provision.
  • 6% will be kept as reserves.
  • 10% will be reserved as ecosystem funds.
  • 30% are given as incentives.


The Nyan Heroes team may have created a revolutionary game that would shift the minds of gamers from merely playing games to also thinking about the environment. The game’s storyline and the team’s vision centre around making the world a better place for humans and animals alike. That’s why the team has decided to portray cats as the heroes in the game.

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