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Quick Summary

  • OpenBlox is a blockchain game ecosystem with an NFT P&E game mechanism, running on the ETH network. Their ecosystem will grow with a new product, called RunBlox, a new move-to-earn project.

There are many companies that try to build something great. OpenBlox, however, is a web3 company that is trying to build more than just that. It’s building a whole new ecosystem, consisting of several web3, gaming, and crypto-oriented products that are just about to make their way into the web3 space. 

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OpenBlox Explained

OpenBlox is a blockchain game ecosystem with NFT Play-And-Earn (P2E) game mechanism on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. In OpenBlox, you can use your Blox NFT to make your mark on a fascinating new planet. With the aid of cute characters and the capability to hunt, acquire, breed, battle, and take a look at the magical land, you will be able to enjoy an exciting trip into the metaverse. 

The fascinating and demanding quests in the game will not only help you have a good time while playing the game, but they will also help you earn cryptocurrency. Simply join the NFT OpenBlox game environment, receive your first Blox, and form a group. After that, you may take full advantage of OpenBlox’s features by shopping, marketing, and making NFTs.

The Ecosystem of OpenBlox

  1. RogueBlox

RogueBlox, a rogue-like card game with position-based performance, was the first game in the OpenBlox universe. The players take turns using their Blox to battle the opposing squad. Each Blox has unique features and abilities that contribute to the defeat of specific races. Ability points can be used to attack another group or to heal your Blox.

  1. ActionBlox

ActionBlox is a position-based online game (MMORPG). Clanmates, close friends, and even newcomers can form a group to battle and destroy foes in this magical world. Send invitations to new players you encounter along the way, and fight alongside them. Harmony with your new buddies is crucial in helping you win battles in ActionBlox.

  1. LandBlox

LandBlox is a farming simulation game in which you can expand, examine, and conquer. You can supply seeds in LandBlox that you win in RogueBlox combat, which grows into fruit that you can sell on the market or use to recover wellness in ActionBlox and RogueBlox. As a result, all OpenBlox video games are designed to interact with one another, creating an amazing ecosystem.

New Part of the Ecosystem: RunBlox

The crypto space allowed the creation of new ways to make money through several concepts like party-to-earn, or move-to-earn, and OpenBlox decided to jump on this train with their own project, called RunBlox. While most of these projects are currently overvalued, you could get into RunBlox at its very beginning. 

Runblox app

OpenBlox wants to encourage people to have fun moving, and earning tokens while doing so. It’s a unique benefit for the Genesis Holders, and those joining the Bloxverse. This is the true empowerment of Web3 possibilities, while also building a beneficial web3 ecosystem.

RunBlox ( will use a dual token economy, consisting of the platform’s main token OBX, and RUX, which will be the main token for the RunBlox platform. RunBlox will have its own newly designed NFTs as well. 

OpenBlox Tokens (OBX, RUX, RGL, etc)

OpenBlox platform will have a dual-token economy: the platform token $OBX, and the ingame token that includes $RUX, $RGL, etc. As the platform token, $OBX has several utilities, such as governance, breeding. $OBX holders have the right to vote on the future of the project. You may also stake $OBX tokens to gain a game buff to enhance the gameplay experience. 

$RUX will be the in-game token for the move-to-earn product RunBlox. It will be used for energy recharge (Repair), leveling up NFT, MINT fee, NFT enhancement, etc. $RGL token will be rewarded in RogueBlox, and to be used as the in-game currency or consumed as breeding fee for new NFTs. Check more details in OpenBlox Whitepaper.

OpenBlox Genesis Blox NFTs are now available on both OpenSea and OpenBlox Marketplace (on arbitrum), with around 0.3 ETH floor price. Besides, the initial RunBlox NFT can be only acquired by airdrop. But it is stated that Genesis Blox will be eligible to get the RunBlox NFT airdrop. The RunBlox Marketplace is now on Avalanche C-Chain. 

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sources: opensea, twitter, openblox, medium, coinlive

author: Rene Remsik

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.