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Quick Summary

  • OVR is a platform for geolocalized AR & VR experiences based on ETH blockchain. This project allows creating, hosting and visualizing on mobile AR & VR contents. OVR will have use cases in gaming, live events, virtual retail, avatars, tourism, etc. OVR also offers map to earn feature and has its own governance token.

OVR stands out from other NFT-crypto projects by bringing many cool and useful innovations. It’s combining AR, VR, and geolocalizing into the metaverse. There will be many use cases connected to gaming, live events and tourism. OVR is bringing innovation where it’s important and where it’s useful. What exactly is this project and what are they trying to accomplish? 

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OVR Connects Metaverse with AR & VR

OVR is a platform for geolocalized AR and VR experiences based on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. OVR allows creating, hosting, and visualizing on mobile geo-located AR and VR content. AR/VR assets are connected to geographic locations thanks to NFTs. The OVR world has been divided into 1.6 trillion hexagons, each one of those nominated with a combination of 3 English words.

Each hexagon (OVRLand) represents a unique geographic location and the owner of the OVRLand can decide what AR/VR experience will be visualized on that location. Covered use cases are gaming, live events, virtual retail, avatars, tourism, etc. AR/VR assets are hosted on IPFS making the platform unstoppable. 

OVR project also has a governance token (ERC-20) OVR Token used for governance and exchange of value on the platform. OVR Token emission is controlled by an IBCO controlled by DAO under the Aragon framework. The vision of this project is to become The Decentralized Platform of the Spatial Web.

Map to Earn Feature

While the play-to-earn feature is very popular, OVR focuses on a map-to-earn feature. NFTs are the building blocks of the open Metaverse, creating permanent digital assets that can interact and exist in multiple Metaverses. OVRLand NFTs are the building blocks of the AR Metaverse, creating a bridge between the digital and the physical world through geographic coordinates.

Thanks to the powers of AI, OVR can now generate a 3D map of the physical world. All you need is a smartphone in your pocket and all OVR users can potentially contribute to creating the biggest detailed 3D map of the real world. This kind of open mapping system will bring the OVR AR Metaverse to a whole new level.

Currently, when geolocalizing an AR asset in an OVRLand there’s the limitation of the GPS accuracy, usually no better than within 6 meters. However, a scanned OVRLand will have a localization precision down to 20 cm, which opens up a whole new realm of opportunities that weren’t technically possible before: localizing experiences on a specific wall or a statue outdoor, precisely superimposing AR to existing buildings, geolocating assets indoor and on multiple floors, etc.

“When I imagine a world where reality and virtuality are fused, where thanks to small contact lenses I can’t distinguish real and unreal projections, the crowdsourced 3D world scanning is the foundational brick needed to create an amazing new infrastructure. Without the complete understanding of the real world through AI models available from commodity devices, no AR platforms will see significant adoption. I think that OVR is headed in the right direction to democratize access to this amazing new way to live our lives”, said the CEO of OVR, Davide Cuttini.

Token Information (OVR)

OVR project has its own governance token OVR that was launched at the end of 2020. This token made some astonishing returns from only a few cents of the dollar to $3 in 3 months! The max supply for tokens is set at 95,000,000 and the market cap is currently around $45 million. The project is thus still considered early and with a rise of the user base, the token could explode even more. 

source: coinmarketcap


OVR project is bringing innovation where it matters. AR & VR will be essential elements of the future alongside metaverse and NFTs. However, the right implementation is going to be the most important and we may see in the upcoming months how it’s all going to work out. 

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sources: ovr, coinmarketcap

author: Rene Remsik

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.