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BR1 Infinite is a Pay to Spawn and Kill to Earn, one of its kind blockchain game that offers distinctive gameplay. Usually the kill-to-earn games reward players for eliminating or ‘killing’ the other players in the game. Generally, the reward is a virtual currency or just ‘kill scores’, however, in this case, the players are awarded crypto tokens based on the server they are playing on.


Overview: BR1 INFINITE

BR1 Infinite involves 3 types of playable characters: 

  • Apes
  • Droids
  • Humans

The players are spawned into an island where they have to compete with other players. Players use their skills and character abilities to not only survive the heat of battle but also kill their opponents to earn. The Beta version of the game is already out with limited features. According to the litepaper of the game, at the launch of Kill to Earn, the players will be given 25,000 free spawns. Also, based on loyalty and participation some players will also get 5 daily free spawns.


Just like in the movies Hunger Games, the players compete with each other on an island for survival and secure maximum kills. There are 4 types of servers in the game and they cost the following fees.

  • Free
  • $0.25
  • $1.00
  • $5.00


Players have to choose their risk mode and then spawn into the server where they compete with players with similar risk factors. The game has no end time and runs for an infinite time. Since the game is based on Kill to earn model, players earn USDC for each elimination. 

Earning Model:

For each elimination, the player will earn equal to the spawn fee or greater than 10% of the player’s risk of player eliminated. Let’s say you’re playing in the $1 Risk Mode and you eliminate another player who had $50 on them.

To calculate your Kill-to-Earn rewards for this elimination, you would need to take the greater of 10% of the eliminated player’s balance or the Spawn Fee. In this case, the Spawn Fee is $1 (since you’re playing in the $1 Risk Mode), so you would earn the greater of 10% of $50 or $1.

10% of $50 is $5, which is greater than the Spawn Fee of $1. So you would earn $5 for eliminating that player.

Let’s say, you spend 60 minutes in the game, based on specific K/D (Kill per Death), you will earn the following estimated USDC.

Entry Fee 1.5 K/D 2.5 K/D 3.5 K/D
$0.50 USDC $3.825/hr $6.375 /hr $8.935 /hr
$1.00 USDC $7.65/hr $12.75 /hr $17.85 /hr
$5 USDC $38.25 /hr $64.00 /hr $90.00 /hr
$10 USDC $76.50 /hr $127.50 /hr $178.5 /hr

Player’s Inventory:

Like any other shooting game, BR1 Infinite offers players a range of weapons, equipment, and consumables. The range and the damage of the weapons vary, and players have to have very choosy while picking these weapons as the inventory has limited slots.

 The inventory has a maximum of:

  • 20 available slots for Weapons
  • 10 available slots for Equipment
  • 10 available slots for Consumables

Playable Characters:

BR1 Collection includes 3 types of playable characters: Apes, Droids, and Humans. Droids and Apes have already been minted for a mint price of 2 Sol, however, the Human race is still ‘Coming Soon’. A detailed comparison of all 3 races is given in the table below:

Character Type Supply Mint Date Mint Price Key Traits and Features
Apes Bio-Engineered Chimps 2500 3/2/2022 2 SOL Bio-engineered neurological enhanced chimps bred to obey humans, used as a low-cost form of manual labor
Droids Militarized Robots 7500 4/16/2022 2 SOL Sentient or remote-controlled robots, used for completing dangerous tasks, cannot die, are easy to control
Humans Living Beings 10000 TBD TBD Living beings in a dystopian society, divided by factions and social classes, forced to participate in BR1 for various reasons


Hitting an overcrowded game niche makes it very difficult for even a competitive project to succeed. However, BR1 Infinite chose to follow a unique idea to develop first of its kind blockchain game. Though the project has a long way to go, the sustained players’ economy model of the game has already insured its future.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.