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Introduction: Phantom Galaxies

Living on a Polygon chain, Phantom Galaxies is a multi-galactic play-to-earn combat game. Phantom Galaxies is a Role Playing Game (RPG) that uses on-chain assets to build real estate, upgrade avatars and unlock the armour and weapons as the game progresses. Supported by PC and gaming consoles, the game uses Ethereum and Polygon chains to offer a realistic gaming experience, a compelling story-line, and a rich combat experience. The game economic model is backed by, $ASTRAFER, the native token of the Phantom ecosystem. The token is used as fuel across the ecosystem and incentivizes the players and creators of the action combat game.



Phantom Galaxies is a PvE (Player vs Environment) type gameplay with TPP (Third Person Perspective) design. As far as versatility and playability are concerned, the game offers a rich playing experience through powerful graphics and multiple modes like combat, treasure hunt, and Starfighters. Instead of winning virtual currency, the players win a $ASTRAFER token which can be swapped to another crypto like Ethereum to earn potential cashout.

Phantom Galaxies is a game developed by Blowfish Studios in cooperation with a leading game software company Animoca Brand on decentralized technology, the blockchain. Both companies still endeavor to evolve this game a AAA category space action science fiction game that is more mature than any other blockchain game.

Phantom Galaxies

Competitive Advantage:

The weapons and armors in the Phantom Galaxies are repairable and upgradeable digital assets that have value in and outside the game. Since these assets are NFTs, they can be traded on NFT marketplaces like Opensea for cryptocurrency.

The Phantom players get challenges and missions, daily puzzles, and other sorts of challenges that they complete winning the token. These tokens are used to buy skins, and avatars or upgrade the current weapons or mech suits. Players can unlock four types of mech suits in the game. All these suits are NFTs.

  • Lancer
  • Buster
  • Breacher
  • Assault

These tokens can also be used to hire fighters and staking to earn passive income. Players get highly incentivized by selling their in-game assets as NFTs.


NFT Rarity:

Most in-game assets are NFTs and most of these NFTs are generative avatars or upgradable non-fungible tokens. NFTs can be obtained through the NFT marketplace, game progress, treasure hunts, or raids during PVP or PVE game events.

There are gen 0-5 NFTs and their value increases as they are upgraded by the players who upgrade them to unlock their weapon ability or armor features. Players add tokens, resources, and NFTs to the fusion chambers to obtain the upgraded form of NFTs.  These NFTs live on the Polygon chain and can be bought on Opensea.


$ASTRAFER is the native token of the Phantom Galaxies which is backed through multiple uses and utilities like community treasury and a DAO.

The uncapped token has no market cap and is held by 129,976 holders. The total supply is 888,077,888 ASTRAFER which is held by over 13,000 addresses. In the coming update, the Phantom Galaxy will offer its players the to buy, trade, and own designated planets with their tokens.


With multiple playable modes, missions, and challenges, Phantom galaxies have a lot to offer to its players. However, players must buy the playable characters and tools to get started, since the game is not free to play.

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