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  • Phantom Yeggs is a great NFT project that’s built on the Ethereum blockchain, with very original art and clear charity cause. Phantom Yeggs will donate 50% from secondary sales for help to save majestic Platypuses. The pre-sale is happening on June 11 and the public sale on June 13.

NFT projects have many different purposes, however, most of them are just simple art projects with no utility. Phantom Yeggs Gang, on the other hand, is a very unique project with several utilities that we will show you right now. Let’s dive in! 

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Phantom Yeggs Gang Lore

Phantom Yeggs is a community-driven project consisting of 12,022 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain (ERC-721 smart contract on Web3). The wise man used these creatures as treasure detectors long enough to know – they are attracted to wealth, and wealth is attracted by them. They can travel through the ages and bring you all the gold and diamonds your heart desires. 

By minting this NFT, you may become a time traveler – from today’s investment to a future of riches! The Phantom Yegg is your magical compass for wealth, and they will even guide you to the moon! There are 150 pieces of RARE Astronaut Yeggs; you only have to search for them! If you’re feeling lucky, you can mint it in the dark, and you have the chance to win one of 20 pieces of SUPER RARE Astronaut Yeggs with diamond and platinum skins. Take your chance and join the giveaway shown below to get a guaranteed spot in this project.

Phantom Yeggs NFTs

The team behind  Phantom Yeggs is a diverse group of professionals with 10+ years of experience working in fields like cryptocurrency, IT, DeFi, graphic design, web design, commercials, etc. There are 12,022 NFTs available in total running on the Ethereum blockchain. However, whitelist spots are getting filled really fast, so there may be only a few hundred left.

The pre-sale mint is happening on June 11 at a price of 0.22 ETH and the public sale is happening on June 13 at a price of 0.33 ETH. The NFTs will be available in your OpenSea account after the mint. Bear in mind you will need a Metamask wallet in order to get this NFT. 15% of the Phantom Yeggs collection will be used as rewards for marketing purposes and 50% from secondary sales will be donated towards the charity cause – the protection of the majestic Platypus!

Save Platypuses

The platypus is the only animal other than the echidna that is considered a mammal but lays eggs. It is one of the most ancient inhabitants of the planet and for centuries has puzzled people with its peculiarities. For many years, scientists could not determine whether it was a mammal or a bird – the beak is of a duck, the body is with otter fur, there are floating membranes between the fingers, and it reproduces with eggs. Like other monotremes, it senses prey through electro-location.

The platypus is a crucial freshwater carnivore, but it is also an evolutionary gem, one of the last remaining monotremes—or egg-laying mammals—left on earth. And we’ve only begun to discover its wealth of secrets, from life-saving antibiotics in its milk to potential diabetes cures in its venom. As of 2020, the platypus is a legally protected species in all states where it occurs. Platypus is an endangered species in South Australia and Victoria and has been recommended for listing in new south wales.


If there’s a charitable utility to the project, it’s instantly a much better reason to participate. While the charitable cause is common in the NFT space, most projects only give out like 2 percent of sales. However, Phantom Yeggs plan on donating a hefty 50% from secondary sales on saving majestic Platypuses.

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author: Rene Remsik

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.